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for The Hunters of Betrayal

11/20/2022 c15 730Radiant Arabian Nights
I don't think a whole rewrite is necessary.
11/11/2022 c15 ASM769476
Personally, I don’t think a full rewrite is necessary. Some rewriting would be a big help though.

More importantly however, is the fact you returned to this story at all (unlike nearly everybody else.) That’s just bonkers to me. Huge ups to you author for manning up where others fall.
11/10/2022 c1 1TheFiction101
Hey I would recommend a rewrite though tbh I’ve never seen an author stick with a rewrite. However given the length of time It’s been I almost imagine it would be easier for you to rewrite than to pick up where you left off. I followed this story and you so I will be following to see what your decision is
3/23/2022 c8 yodadabs
7/26/2021 c14 chriskidd2001
That was awesome Percy you Badass from hell completely going insane amazing chapter as always can't wait for the next one Rhea is the best
7/26/2021 c13 chriskidd2001
That was awesome the battle commended Joel,Vlad,and Kristy returned they left Tartarus meeting Gaea again she lets them go holding back Tartarus and his Army Dominic gives Percy the Pearl Poseidon and Percy reunite amazing chapter as always can't wait to read the next one
7/26/2021 c12 chriskidd2001
Well this should be interesting Hunters of Artemis got Ass handed for being arrogant and prideful over someone you don't know quest going down to Tartarus to free Percy and other prisoners Phanes trys to give Dominic the talk but then Dominic tells his father he needs to go back into the dating game they entire Tartarus Palace goes to the cells first find Oceanus,then Rhea,Iapetus,small bob,and Damasen they told them Percy would be in the Torture room Allison her crush on Vlad find Percy Tartarus. traps them Dominic has plan gives his stipulations gets out ship goes down Jason try's to apologize gets ready to fight against Tartarus army amazing chapter as always can't wait to read the next one
7/26/2021 c11 chriskidd2001
Well that was interesting Jason and Hazel thinking about having their friends back Percy about his torture from dracaena and Tartarus and Joel challenges his father Lycaon for the throne and Kristy kisses him and beats his father for the throne as Alpha and King of the Werewolves
7/25/2021 c10 chriskidd2001
Oh boy They giving questers a send off and Tartarus trys to make Percy a deal
7/25/2021 c9 chriskidd2001
Oh Percy your having a Army coming to save you and your dad eager to see you
7/25/2021 c8 chriskidd2001
Oh boy Dominic and Artemis found love but also Percy and Thalia now this should be interesting
7/25/2021 c7 chriskidd2001
Man I would loved to see Leo reveal himself to his father
7/25/2021 c6 chriskidd2001
Man Percy isn't probably to happy about this Leo their you go being a Badass
7/25/2021 c5 chriskidd2001
Well that was a amazing chapter Percy you Badass out of hell Joel nice work and great sassyness
7/25/2021 c4 chriskidd2001
Damn Percy you were tricked and proven yourself
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