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4/30/2020 c81 francesca.king
Is shallot another name for Moria or am I just making that up?
2/18/2020 c2 Lily E. Miller
Damn, I don't know why I read an old story... Anyway, it almost like Aela (or whatever her name is). Though I don't really care about that. Just, spelling please. I can't read if I try to makes sense every sentences.
1/28/2020 c83 Zerothesilverninetailedfox
cant wait for the next chapter.
11/27/2018 c1 dawn223
I read your bucket list story on fan fiction reader app and it was so good I could not put it down I can't wait to read more it's amazing you really pull the reader in
7/22/2018 c1 miiracopium
No offense, but it would literally be impossible for her to manage getting back to shore. She would've drowned, no doubt.
3/1/2018 c83 4LightArrow
Yeah if ace dies sachi and luffy's relationship is going to be screwed for awhile and may never be the same
Sorry it took me so long to catch up, its really good
12/11/2017 c1 Deltoren
A beta or editor would go a long way
10/31/2017 c79 6Mimzy94
I love the chapter and Sachi willingly wanting to give her his panties to see his bones! And I really like how you explained his organs still being there even though they aren’t physically there! Really cool!
8/18/2017 c82 peace486
Love it. can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. can't wait to see more of luffy and Sachi together
6/15/2017 c81 7PuddyKatz
Oh my God... She is always in the center of trouble... _
6/14/2017 c81 peace486
love it. cant wait to see what happen in the next wait to see more ofLuffy and Sachi together.
6/7/2017 c80 peace486
love it. cant wait to see what happen in the next chapter.
5/24/2017 c79 4LightArrow
Yeah it was really good... But I am surprised that brook wasn't more emotional to finding out that his crew never left him, after all this time he was never truly alone.
5/24/2017 c79 7PuddyKatz
Thatch made me sad :( but I guess that's how it has to go if only he knew what Ace was doing because he was killed! Brook is awesome he's one of my favorite over all characters! Him, Luffy Usopp and Sanji, fifth is Zoro.
5/17/2017 c22 likeI'lltellyou
That was epic! Though you did spell tired wrong. Buts its still awesome!
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