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for Hosts in Gehenna!

8/13/2015 c1 RustleCritter
I love your ideas and writing. It's awesome!
Please explain how Satan managed to posses Rin in the previous story, cause Rin must've felt doubt, anger, confusion, or something else that allows possession. Like Yukio could ask that or something. You don't have to do it though

As for demonic ties, the twins love to cause trouble, and they do get called devils or something of the sort (haven't watched OHSHC in a while), so that would kinda make sense. (And we get two sets of demonic twins)
Then there is this picture XD (and we have another demon-exorcist)
Tamaki would probably cause the funniest reactions if you think about it XDD lol I don't know
And there's always CAKE (at night, you know what I mean)

Oh, btw is Kuro in Gehenna too?
6/23/2015 c1 2Girl with guns
Well, it could be the twins, but it would be funny if it was Mori and Honey or Haruhi who had demonic bloodties
6/10/2015 c1 33havarti2
6/9/2015 c1 30KingIradescense
It's so good to know your alive, Senpai!
Great plot, btw!
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