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for Red-Eyed Sleeping Dragon

9/20/2018 c1 ahein9937
do not remove tatsumi from the story. this is way too interesting y'know. I like the story the writing is good and above all seeing a cold ruthless cool headed and basses tatsumi is better than an oc. that's just my opinion though
8/22/2018 c5 Dreadknight12
this story is really good so far and I can't wait to see what happens with sayo and ieyasu
4/10/2018 c5 Guest
Can you please update the story
3/10/2018 c1 ShadowWarrior597
update please
1/15/2018 c5 Guest
Im sad this was left behind.
6/19/2017 c2 KakeruPB
That ones a toss up considering Kurome is her sister so of course she would love her. But then there's Tatsumi who have been together with her, and I'm guessing here, since the beginning. So they most likely had alot of moments with each other.
6/19/2017 c1 KakeruPB
Why not Sayo? I get the reason for Ieyesu but why not Sayo? Just curious that's all.
6/7/2017 c5 Sasuke75249
nice what happen next
5/24/2017 c5 Guest
"Sorry for the long wait. I promise it won't take several months for a new chapter to come out."

2/17/2017 c5 ulttoanova
hey hope you haven't given up. please update. I really enjoyed this.
1/23/2017 c5 8Johnny Spectre
not bad, though a continuation would be nice
11/23/2016 c2 SuperFireman151
Star Wars
11/18/2016 c5 SuperFireman151
I really cant wait for the next chapter this is a cool new take on the story keep it up
7/29/2016 c5 Guest
Plz update this is a really good story
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