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for One Last Goodbye

8/26/2015 c20 VGirl7553
Love seeing new updates for this! Get so excited to read more and more. It is getting so intense and I just can't wait to see how it all comes together. It is fantastic.
8/26/2015 c20 115AmyNChan

Dang.. that was really intense... But what now? When they find this clone and know what happened to her...
8/24/2015 c19 7Taeniaea
cool story
8/24/2015 c19 115AmyNChan
8/21/2015 c18 Gizmo60
Another exciting chapter. Thank you
8/21/2015 c18 AmyNChan
8/20/2015 c17 Gizmo60
Wow an exciting action filled chapter. What a cliff hanger. Can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you
8/20/2015 c17 AmyNChan
Legion now? But he dispersed into the remaining geth... what, next you're gonna say that the only one who can make such a deadly toxin with such precision so quickly is Mordin... you bringing all the dead back in the form of Shepard?
8/19/2015 c16 Gizmo60
Very exciting. I must admit for a moment there I thought Garrus had actually shot Tali. Glad to see he hadn't. Looking forward to next chapter. Thank you.
8/19/2015 c16 AmyNChan

This is so intense!
8/16/2015 c15 AmyNChan

That's really smart. But now we get to business! To defeat! The Huns! XDDD

I'm sorry, I had to. XDD But yay! Let's go kick some tail!
8/15/2015 c14 AmyNChan
A siren? O.O
8/13/2015 c13 Guest
What a cliffhanger Is femshep alive or dead ? Awesome next chapter ASAP
8/13/2015 c13 VGirl7553
Loved this chapter! What a cliffhanger. I want answers as to what is going on so badly. It is such a mystery and I cannot stop reading it. Also, I am very grateful for all of the quick updates. It has me really excited. This is fabulous and you are doing an excellent job. Can't wait to see what happens next.
8/13/2015 c13 AmyNChan
Oh no you don't! Get back here!
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