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7/6/2018 c1 7Sirzechs

Now I see why you stated that you have a unique style of writing. LOL, I think it's cool and it doesn't bother me at all.

Your story... It was great, like really, it was great, it made me realise that you can use the KHR universe to create such a simple yet amazing story with twists, drama, and romance. The fact that you are Italian and you know the climate of Palermo, made the way you described the scene come to life for me.

Even though I'm a 27x96 fan, the pairing of Luce x Tsuna went well together. If Luce were actually a canon character, I'd be hard pressed to choose a shipping for Decimo. I always enjoy a KHR story set after the manga, where Tsuna is in high school, and if the ending wasn't as good as it was, I'd be asking you for the next chapter.

Besides the happy ending between Luce and Tsuna, or the embarrassing times when Tsuna had to speak Italian, my favourite part was the conversation between Tsuna and Hayato, simply for the fact that it showed a potential side to how Tsuna would react to Gokudera in similar situations.

In conclusion, this story becomes even greater while having DrakeMarch 14 playing in the background. Instrumental or normal, it goes great for background music.

Please keep creating KHR fanfics, KHR is the BEST anime .
6/12/2015 c1 28silent24melody13

Ooh... oh! Okay, here starts my review! XD

First off, I like your writing style, it's very light and smooth, so it's a great space for readers to imagine and picture what you're telling us in your story :D I also like how you make the scene in Italy, and especially how you overcome the language barrier, both for readers and maybe yourself, so great job :D

I also liked the story. It's packed and creative, but also light and entertaining to read :) I love how you make each characters. There are some OC (original chara) here and even the cannon chara acted a bit different than the cannon, but I really think that it's a great and creative way to explore and show a chara's different side. Love to see the way Tsuna develops here and I can imagine how Tsuna will act mature like this in his late teens or adult age :D

Honestly I was kinda surprised to read the name "Luce" for the first time because I immediately imagine the cannon "Luche", the arcobaleno, and was surprised at the main pairing. I'm relieved though to see that it's the name of an OC, and not the arcobaleno hahaha. By the way, great job on the OCs :D I think that they're very well-made in your fic :3

Now for the plot. It was quite a fun twist and a romantic and dramatic one. I was kinda surprised about how the plot goes, but it created a wonderful twist :) I like the ending, especially how you pointed out the warmth and the last dialogue was beautiful: "Don't worry, I won't disappear this time." I think it's very sweet and dramatic, also relieving for Tsuna, because it's extremely painful to lose someone that you love :)

I was pretty startled and find it kinda funny at the part when Tsuna thought of: [...Today, 12th of August 20XX,...] I find it a bit funny because of how Tsuna pointed out the importance of the day and stressed the word "Today", but then the year is kind of... undecided with the 'XX' part. LOL, not that it's a bad thing though! I know how hard it is to determine the time in fanfic stories, just because :D

And oh, nice cover! It's very fitting and sweet, and give us a better picture of the characters. Did you make it yourself? :D

Now, for some notes/feedback mwahahaha *horror piano bgm*:
... Okay, maybe this is not exactly a note or a feedback, but just an opinion. I think the way you make the dialogue with the (-) symbol is okay, and I know some authors preferred to make it that way, but I think it'll be great to put a note before the story about what the symbols means. Like, for example, some authors do it like this: ["..." for talking, '...' for thinking, etc.] Or something like this: [ - ... - for talking, "..." for thinking.] something like that. And make sure you don't miss any of the symbols at every dialogue, because the symbol (-) plays a big role in the paragraphs besides the dialogue starter and if you miss one it can create a confusion :)

... be careful of typos and Italics. Make sure the readers know what Italic-ed sentence means :)

... oh yeah, I also think that a hint of the pairing/warnings (such as OCs, matureTsuna, etc) at the summary will be nice :D

Okie-dokie, great job on the fic! See you later and keep writing! XD
P.s. although this is completely random, but I do want to say that I love how you see reviews, fanfiction, stories, and authors that you've explained in your profile. I agree in what you say and could I say I was pretty relieved and even touched, both as an author and a reader :D so here's a full-length review from me! But whew, I dunno why but the way my writing (stories and reviews) goes today feels very serious, unlike most other times, but oh well. Sorry if there's anything that offended you. Hehehe see you later~

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