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for 50 Weird Things Kirby Has Done

7/19/2020 c50 5freckled.little.acey
Oh man I really loved the way this had been written. I enjoyed it a whole lot. You really had done a great job with this story
3/22/2019 c1 colorweavr
meta x wall

i ship it XD

seriously though, just getting started, and with an opening like that i know it'll be good D
4/1/2018 c2 Globgolabgolab
Dededes gonna clobber dat dere kirbe
12/31/2017 c50 37Agt Cosmic
I never excepted this fic to end with Return to Dream Land/Kirby Wii/whatever else this game was called, but man, did it still feel so natural. (I also enjoyed the awkward conversation in the beginning. 'Drastic actions', and Dedede and Meta Knight thinking about 18 and 50-some different scenarios and escape routes.)

I enjoyed this fic a lot; I really did. Your fics are always so original and I love your character interactions. And humor. And your writing in general. And I don't say any of that lightly, if at all. I applaud you.
12/31/2017 c49 Agt Cosmic
Wait, the king and Kirby have still not figured out how waddle dees eat? I can see Kirby, but Dedede lives with all sorts of dees; that's...kind of pathetic. Although I guess he has better things to do than watch people eat, but you'd think he'd have seen them eating at least once.
12/31/2017 c48 Agt Cosmic
I may have said it before, but I love how much sense Kirby makes in this story.
I also like your characterizations of Meta Knight in your stories; it's a breath of fresh air in the archive. But I think I said that before too, if I'm not mistaken, so I'll compliment the mushrooms. I'm sure I haven't said that before.
12/31/2017 c47 Agt Cosmic
I love this Kirby's interactions with Dedede, mainly because of Dedede's reactions to them and his thoughts. It's just...gold.
I have to wonder where that waddle doo guard is going to get a slot machine bash someone with. And unless Dream Land slot machines are different than real life ones, I have to seriously wonder how a waddle doo is going to manage to beat someone up with a slot machine. He's gotta be seriously strong or something. I don't want to fight him in the next Kirby game.
11/2/2017 c50 10m3g45n1p3r4lph4
Holy crap that ending was a great tie-in! I didn't even notice the set up until it happened and I'm still grinning over it
10/25/2017 c50 ThatOnekid1
This story could've taken 5 years to finish, and I would still be satisfied with the ending. I loved every minute of laughing and gagging and coughing while reading this. Thank you for making this with such a good ending.
10/22/2017 c50 40Destiny Willowleaf
Okay, THAT'S a cool ending to this long and fun story. It's been a long and winding ride, but at the same time it's nice to see long-term projects come to completion.
As always, I'm excited to see what's to come, and here's to hoping things turn out fine in the end!
10/20/2017 c50 2merendinoemiliano
Very good stories.
10/20/2017 c50 3Nashew
I gotta admit, I wasn't expecting that ending. Very clever.

Also, nice to see you finally finish this! GG!
3/8/2017 c46 37Agt Cosmic
So Dedede has gone through 21 blankets...so, at what rate does he shred blankets throughout the year? You'd think buying one would be cheaper than paying for Bandana Dee's supplies, though...Unless Dream Land has no cheap threads to make stuff out of, unlike modern technology. Or he just likes hand-crafted goods.

FINALLY, someone remembers that Dedede is a penguin who would naturally be inclined to water. Also, are you sure Bandana is reeling in 'excitement', Kirby?
1/27/2017 c46 Meow
Well...opps. Again, didn't mean to add on, but the statement of earlier does not add up when words get omitted. Sigh.
Meta Knight pulled out a shiny sealed leaf from cap space. An autumn leaf!
...No one can hear you cry in the corner because all the effort spent is wasted on a missing word..."CURSES!"
1/26/2017 c46 Meow
Down B initiated - "Oh Du, you silly silly. That is unrequired. He's just having a panic-happy attack for the upcoming party!"
Yes...the whiny, squishy blue one in his royal attire. They may need to coax for any action of appearing. I'm pretty sure his fan club would be able to assist. I mean, he likes to eat, so right, no to a picnic is unlikely. But with that pride...I suppose one should call into action.
Seems weird Kirby isn't smacking those mandola sugar beet roots in Floralia or harvesting bee juice or 'borrowing' coconuts or date palm from Float Islands or even manufacturing those plants which kind of look like granola bits for sugar to create the cake. I mean Whispy probably wouldn...(Uh, wait...huh, you mean there is a shortage of eggs...oh...hm...'Oh, Tookey!')
It makes sense Meta Knight hates water. Fur and the light construction of his wings causes more energy expansion to fly unless dried (which takes a while). If in cape form, well, cotton blend wet on your back...what a wet, soggy mess. Then he would have to wipe his armour dry to help prevent rusting...maybe a Mach Tornado could help, but I imagine his cape, with gravity being applied to rotation, would slap him during the spin.
You know...thinking it over, a living cake should be possible. Kirby just provides the ashes of a fallen foe on top and whala!
...Is Larry dead? He's growing and the Great King is wrapping it up in a comforter! Confused as why ask if dead? Well if Bob is alive and is fake, the opposite must be true for the statement to be legit. Eh, EH?
Then Great King brings Larry along (since Kirby demanded a play-date). Meta Knight will stare at the plant while there is binkering during the gettogether. He'll then snide towards the King about hosting a Max Tomato potting around, especially at a arranged meeting. Dedede will retort "Well, it was a gift for my great self. Unlike you, who has no botanical familiars" while sticking out his tongue. Meta Knight's visor shows no eyes and he excuses himself. Doing a slow turn on his butt, cape to the crowd, he'll pull out a dried, shiny from cape space. "...It's okay Alfred. They just don't understand you..." as he strokes the varnish surface.
Meanwhile, Band-Aid will stare in patience and slighty worry while knitting blanket number 23. He'll then realize..."Wait, how did I cast on...I have no fingers?!" Struggling the internal turmoil, a figure hops overs in a basic frequency beat. The undistigushed figure leans in and as Band-Aid begans to hear a thump thump, he freaks out. As he glances cautiously behind, he throws his needles and stitching, screaming his whole body head off as he scurries off in the distance. The object is a Gobchomplin, hosted by Dio and Deo, lead by De. "Geez, I thought this was a plant parley. Pardon the late arrival. Best always saved for last." Dedede will shout "Hey, I came earlier."
Kirby will inquire "Is that a music walky talky on that carnivorous friend of yours? I thought you were bringing the glowing mushrooms?" The twins in sync answer "A synthesis monitor!" De will continue "We are conducting analysis of alternative fuel sources...Du experienced a near-shutdown with the previous concoction. I think it was allergy related". In the background, Dedede will want to raise his glove for further questioning. Unfortunately a splashing sound interrupts. In the distance, a blue scarf floats besides a flurry of brown waving paws and the sounds of high-pitch shrieks. "Why...WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE ICE-CREAM ISLAND?! HELP ME! Gurlllrulrurp..."
Five combatants rush to the rescue, directed by the pink menace. Back still turned, the metal mask finally directs attention at the audience's direction. But what is this? He's grabbing the purple plant and ECG. Wait, sir, shouldn't you save the waddle dee? "Forget it. He serves that pudgy know it all sit-and-eat gluttonous bird. He's his problem." Spreading his wings in preparation for flight, he decides he'll tip the Max Tomato Larry into the ocean...but he sees the autumn leaf-ornamented blanket cozily snuggle about the base... "Arggghh...CURSES!"
..."That is why you should put green flowers on the blanket." Bandana just shakes his head. "Kirby, where did you get this holographic machine? Also, that seems pretty elaborate a scenario just to convience me to stitch...wait, wouldn't the whole plant just be a stem with a puffy end?" Snatching the green loom and shoving the yarn onto the top of Band-Aid's cranium, Kirby grin. "Yep. Otherwise the whole event would be canon to what I do 'weirdly'".
The pink puff stares directly at you. What will you do? Fight Act Item Mercy
The Flirt is ineffective. You cannot comprehend the depth of his amusement. Kirby launches a Marx at you. It just bounces off and laughs maniacally.
The word count has reached maximum density. Initating end stateme
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