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6/12/2015 c1 CountySweetHeart
Awesome prologue! I sent in two oc's
6/12/2015 c1 AwesomeGirl
Forgot to mention I'am totally open for my OC being in a relationship :D
6/12/2015 c1 43BrenRome
Hey. So here's my submission. This actually was for another (cancelled) fanfic that lead to the creation of my own story.

NAME: Malcom Augustine

APPEARANCE: Tall, well-fit, long dark black hair. Think Taraton Edgarton mixed with a young Sean Connery.

AGE: 23

PERSONALITY: Serious, tries to keep a cool head, but can easily be angered when something doesn't go his own way.

HISTORY: Malcom grew up idolizing Captain America which led him to join SHIELD (it's later revealed his Father served in Vietnam and died as a result while his mother was pregnant with him). He trained under the belief that if he could be like Steve Rogers, he could make the world a better place. However, his first assignment resulted in his entire squad getting killed leaving Malcom as the only survivor. Time and time again, missions would go south with Malcom as the only survivor. Yet he survived on BOTH sides, killing every single enemy agent he could, even when his own team went down. Director Fury briefly let him lead his own team under the 'suggestion' of The World Security Council, but sabatogged the mission, feeling that he was not yet ready for leading a combat team.

Malcom was reassigned to a desk job as a result of his destructive behavior around the time Steven Rogers was reawakened, thinking life would be better again, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. Malcom feels a need to once again leave to serve in the field again by any means nessecary.
FAMILY: Stan Augustine (Father, Deceassed,) Taylor Augustine (Mother,) Bob Edton (Adoptive Father.)


POWERS (IF ANY, AND NO MARY SUE TYPE STUFF!) AND SKILLS: No powers. Expert in hand-to-hand combat, weapons specialist, decent strategist (but not that well when planing on his own.)

WEAKNESSES: Short-tempered, easily angered when things don't go his way, tends to have doubts when planning strategically.

STORY/STORIES YOU WANT THEM TO APPEAR IN (Shadows from the Past, this story, my second spinoff which will focus on Nick Jones, and/or other (note if you want to use this OC in your own spinoff): feel free to use Malcom as you like.

OTHER: Perhaps Malcom can have one of the fellow agents be the one to help him whenever he is in the field to do what's right, as a sort-of morale support. Maybe he might even find love in the arms of one of his teammates.
6/12/2015 c1 AwesomeGirl
Hey there! :) Here's my Oc :D
Name: Violet Matthews
Appearance: Dirty blonde haie with a purple streak. Dark blue eyes. Average weight with slight muscle. Small scars along her arms and legs.
Age: 19
Personality: At first she's a very shy and reserved person(especially around people she doesn't know) but when she gets more comfortable she can be more goofy and sarcastic.
History: She grew up with her dad, mom, and sister(who I will explain more in her family part) she discovered her powers at a young age(7) and they were linked to her emotions. Her sister was jealous and angry and treated her horribly/tried to act like she wasn't there. Her parents still loved her and tried to hide her(but they were also afraid of her) tired of seeing the fear in their eyes even though they loved her..she ran away at age 14
Family: Father(David) Mother(Monica) sister(Dalia) (her sister is a year older than her)
Aligence: Shield (she joined shield even though they took her into custody beacause she accidently made a store blow up) they always monitored her, but she liked usuing her abilities to help others(even though you can make her alligence change if you'd like over time)
Powers and Skills: Powers are telekenesis(which are linked to her emotions) and empathy. (Her telekenesis is sort of like Scarlett witch except her energy coming out of her hands is purple not red) shes quick on her feet(considering she had to fend for herself for a while) she's a pretty good liar and looks younger than she actually is(so people are hesitant to hurt her)
Weakness: Sometimes(if she really likes someone) she can be too trusting with them. She also can't control her emotions and gets angry quickly.
Story/stories you want them to appear in: whichever you think is best/where she would be best In :)

I'm sure this story will be great! I look foward to it ~AwesomeGirl(aka Sabrina) :p

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