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for Devils Daughter

9/12 c1 Guest
9/30/2020 c27 3FailingAtLife
That was very disturbing. It was cool tho. Pls update you can do it
7/22/2020 c27 xXMishaXx
Very interesting please update soon.
6/19/2018 c27 cancerousAddiction
me: haha, what a good story, thank god im not addic-
*looks at the last updated date*

6/10/2018 c27 neverfadehaz
I just feel bad that Max keeps killing people that are nice to her and her brothers
6/9/2018 c1 neverfadehaz
wow that took alot of thought update soon please
6/3/2018 c27 RawlsomGeal
5/28/2018 c27 Guest
4/3/2018 c27 16QuestionableIntentions
i've told you this already but i love this story and yoir writing. keep up the great work!
10/7/2017 c26 1Biku-sez-Meow
Amazing! Looking inside the mind of a psychopath is truly one of the most spectacular views in the world, and I love what you've done with the voice and the family issues. You even split up the flock, and made Nudge the odd one out. She was like that in the books too, and it's just such a creative plot! Max makes for the perfect serial killer, and Fang is the perfect person to turn. They get their wings in the end, don't they. I can't wait to read more! This is so cool! Meow!
9/21/2017 c1 1Dontcallmemaxi
oh my god, I remember reading this and not having an account and I just happened to find it again. This is a great plot turned into a great story even if Max is the devils daughterLOL) but anyway I love all your stories and how you write them and I hope if you read this review and if you have time you will write more for one of your stories hopefully this one.
8/30/2017 c26 5VeronicaChase
I don't think I like max anymore either lol XD
8/30/2017 c26 sophiecampbellbower
Okay wow. Max is nuts. I don't think I like her anymore... Fang should run for the hills but that's obviously not going to happen... please update soon!
8/4/2017 c25 sophiecampbellbower
Loved this chapter! I love that Fang is opening up to Max! I'm just sad she'll betray his trust... anyways please update soon!
7/31/2017 c25 Griffin
Argh thus is so good please continue!
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