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for Silence Creates Melody

7/30/2018 c4 1BitterCake
Awww man , I really loved your story’s :3
6/15/2017 c1 Rosapast
update pleaseeeeeeee...
6/11/2017 c3 Guest
Ano where is the poll plz I really loved the previous chapters and can't wait for more but I can't find the poll
6/4/2017 c3 SaltKink
Wheres to poll?
6/3/2017 c3 10jy24
Okay, so where's the poll? Couldn't find it even in your home profile.
12/23/2016 c3 GothQueen01
hope you finish this fanfic and haven't abandoned it
7/12/2015 c3 Krisss2
Don't know if this will help with the writer's block you could do something to introduce Allen's arm or scar, throw in a few Akuma, or even some of the other supernatural creatures. Maybe give the students a day off and have them go into town?
7/2/2015 c2 10inuyashamunkey
i cant wait to see how Kanda expects to teach Allen how to speak
6/26/2015 c2 5Nella Moonblood Royalle
Kuso! This is co AWESOME desuuuuu!
Hope u update in d near future! Ganbatte nee x)
6/18/2015 c1 9Kyla-saurs-rex
Wow this is really good! Please write more soon!
6/15/2015 c2 chb5cj5
Hey :-) I absolutely love your story!
I haven't seen one like this yet so I think that it's a very creative and original story, I hope you continue :-D
6/13/2015 c1 52Firediva0
In this review I will be giving critiques and praises. At some points I will seem harsh but that isn't my intention. I simply want to know you as a writer, and through this hopefully I can.

Now, the first thing that I will adress is near the beginning of the chapter. When you stated "...then Komui left the room to allow Mr. .", Fanfiction must have taken a couple words out because that sentence was abruptly cut off. You may want to fix that because the way its written its blaringly obvious.

Secondly, your style is very different from anything I have ever read. You write in a more passive and narrative style, and even now I am trying to get used to it. Instead of getting into the head of one or more characters, you're basically narrating whats happing from an outside point of view. This woudn't allow to connect with your story until the very end when you described Allen as he sung an entrancing tune.

Lastly, the story is interesting. I have never seen this particular creature inside of the DGM fandom and I look forward to seeing how you'll merge the characteristics of the Siren with Allen's personality. I love how you made Allen mute, and I definitely look forward to more.

Please remember that this wasn't meant to be a flame, but instead advice from one author to another. I may seem really mature now but that's only because I haven't had any sugar yet. Soon I will be bouncing off the walls and will completely lose the almost 'impersonal' and 'cold' feel to my personality.

Have an awesome day,
PS. I think it's time for some pop...Toodles~

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