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8/27 c8 Miva4
Finally! A story where Lydia faces true consequences for her selfishness. Thank you!
7/29 c50 gdecon
Lord Albert asked her influential uncle but neither of her guardiens and seems to only tolerate her desire to consult them ?
7/5 c57 Guest
My second re-read finished! Delightful tale though I feel deeply about what Lydia had to endure. Thank you so much!
4/11 c58 somethingamiss
Lydia in this story breaks my heart though I’m comforted to know she’s happy the rest of her life. Wickham better have suffered some time before his eventual death! Thank you for sharing!
3/25 c58 ercilia
Excelente historia. Felicitaciones. Muchas gracias por la generosidad de la escritora en compartirla
2/22 c57 Lillepus
Now, I have read the entire story, so of course on the whole I have liked it. However, I absolutely do not buy the courtship of Georgiana and Bingley. First he was inconstant with Jane, then with BOTH Miss Thompson AND Georgiana at the same time - and then Darcy, having observed all this, has no problem with his courting or marrying Georgiana? No. Such behaviour over and over I cannot imagine being just forgiven by everyone. I mean - not even a HINT of sceptiscism? I was to the last hoping it did not turn out as you hinted several chapters back.
I absolutely like the way you have written him in the beginning, some explanation for his inconsistency. I also very much liked Jane finding someone else who she really loved. But I did not quite think Bingley deserved such a good ending, and getting it so easily with no remorse or consequence or even having to struggle for it in any way. I also very much wanted him to really see what he lost by giving up on Jane so easily.
I would have imagined Darcy insisting at the very least on a long courtship so that Bingley would have to prove he could be trusted.
Anyway - thats my only actual criticism :-) Thanks for the read!
8/5/2022 c17 Colleen S
8/5/2022 c8 Colleen S
That's awful! 15! Lydia had no clue how rough life can be!
4/21/2022 c57 Colleen S
Sigh! A story I wish, could keep going on...!
4/21/2022 c52 Colleen S
4/21/2022 c49 Colleen S
Lovely! The Colonel finding a nice young lady!
4/21/2022 c44 Colleen S
Brilliant tale! So realistic!
4/21/2022 c41 Colleen S
Fabulous story!
4/21/2022 c26 Colleen S
What an entertaining story!
4/21/2022 c23 Colleen S
Excellent story! So well thought out!
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