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for Not My Clever Girl

5/9 c10 soccermm231
Its nice to see you've gone back and updated some of your older stories! Keep up the amazing writing!
5/7 c1 thewolf45
Really love the story man keep up the good work and update soon please..
5/4 c10 qalleesyawesome
I love this series so much!
5/4 c9 qalleesyawesome
For some reason im imagining Indy as a pristine queen.. And I like that
5/4 c8 qalleesyawesome
Epilogue? Nope!
5/4 c7 20NewMystery356
Oh I KNOW she’ll eat that Maltese~
5/4 c6 NewMystery356
That thing about teeth and excitement sounds like something Krueger would say in Borderlands 2. LOVED the Star Lord reference, though now I wonder if Parks & Recreation will come up too. Also, “derpy” indeed...
5/3 c5 NewMystery356
“Casual negligence”... I guess that’s ONE word for it
5/3 c4 NewMystery356
Never heard the one about the EELS...
5/3 c1 NewMystery356
Well... That’s ONE way to take your baby steps...
5/3 c4 qalleesyawesome
I love the little T-Rex thing you put there
5/3 c10 Xemenon
Huh, nice chapter.
5/2 c1 Banjo the Fox
Uh... Good and odd.
5/2 c10 Guest
How big a Bust did Ra gain!?
5/2 c1 Shadowman
Hey troll your mommy suck good dick and your daddy loves jerking it to her getting fucked by other guys
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