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2/22 c1 Lin
Wow! I just came across your stories for jack and Audrey last week, and can’t stop reading them! I just finished power. Your stories are amazing, the details and character development. It just soooo happy to find someone who also like jack and Audrey to work, and actually put it in amazing writing. And I am truly happy that I found these stories, and thank you for continuing to write about them, and not forgetting them after so much time. Just want to let you know, I read them all and I love them, about the best fanfic I ever come across!
8/29/2019 c46 Sherry843
yeah, after reading this all over again, I decide to hate you...
8/26/2018 c41 Sherry843
This is the 3rd time I red this story alreay. But the “I don't wanna hide the best thing in my life forever” still made me cry.
I wish he'd still be alive too.
7/28/2018 c46 Guest
Gosh, you made a really good story!
I just wish there's more~ Like how did Jack ended up being shot with Audrey by his side. An other conspiracy? Do you feel like to complete that too~
1/8/2018 c46 b3ta
wow! not glad it’s over but I’m sure glad you finished it :) I loved this series and that was a fitting ending! it hurted sure but it’s kinda what I always expected for 24. We know Jack couldn’t have had a hapily ever after but this feels like closure/purpose (not leaving him in Russia somewhere) Thanks for the story! I hope to read you again, dammit!
1/8/2018 c46 Guest
Ummmmm. You’re just going to have to carry on. Preferably with jack surviving. Your writing is so wonderful. Please don’t stop!
1/6/2018 c46 14Kz4
Oh, NO!
I sure wasn't expecting that!
1/6/2018 c45 Kz4
Thanks for coming back so soon!
It was a powerful chapter but I have to confess, I wanted to see them get married. Please consider coming back with another epilogue! Pretty please?
1/4/2018 c44 Carolarized
The best New Year gift ever. Thank you so much!
1/3/2018 c44 Kz4
Thanks for writing, yes, they deserve their happy ending!
1/2/2018 c43 Mdemulieryahoo
Your story is so Good, thank you for updating ! Waiting for the proposal xoxoxo
1/1/2018 c43 Kz4
Great chapter!
Can't wait for Jack to propose,

More please,
1/1/2018 c42 Kz4
He' s going to propose, that's so awesome
Jack is being too nice to Heller, but I know he's doing it for Audrey which shows how much he loves her
You Truly have a gift for making us feel That we're watching another episode of 24,
Can't wait for next chapter!
Happy New year!
11/27/2017 c41 Guest
Love the updates. Keep them coming :)
11/3/2017 c41 b3ta
I though this story was over and I’m SO glad it’s not! Things are gettin interesting, this simple private moments are a nice pace right now and much deserving for J&A! The part I’m not getting is Kim, he’i is she still stranged given her father is president now? Please, updates!
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