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5/14 c19 Palkki
Hey, a new reader here.

This is one of, if not the best Fanfic I've read on this forum, and I'm serious about it. I tend to be critical of what I read; not in science-y way, y'know, but in the way that the story stays within the already existing world building OR builds onto the existing one, without breaking the rules of the original. At this, you succeeded, even gone beyond my original expectations for this kind of Fanfic.

I love how much intricate detail you have in every chapter, every line of text and in every dialog. However, at some certain places it might feel a little too descriptive (as in scenes where the character is about to explain/do something, and you describe their outlook, facial expressions and the like).

You've done an amazing job at creating an interesting plot which I'm now way too hooked to just stop following, and I like the idea of exploring Uiharu's ability more deeply - in other words, my honest opinion is that you've succeeded at where the anime failed; important side characters Uiharu and Saten are left too untouched, and their potential is yet to be reached. I would love to see some of the possible power development of Uiharu, and perhaps Saten, as well. You've added depth to Imagine Breaker as well, something that the anime didn't do, which is why I really am so hooked on this story. It's just the type I like.

And the villains. Oh. My. God.

Creating a villain in a story, whose goal is nothing but ReVenGe or dEaTH or plain old classic I-want-to-rule-the-world-because-fun, destroys it all like Touma does illusions - pretty thoroughly. You, on the other hand, have made the villain into an interesting character worth to follow, deep yet mysterious backstory, with a goal of pure chaos. As an added side bonus, it gives me Percy Jackson vibes, which is ONLY A BONUS due to my everlasting love for the franchise (Rip Jason Grace, my favourite fictional character of all time).

Overall, the story is overwhelmingly amazing, and can't wait for you to possibly continue on it!

Eagerly waiting
Palkki, Yours Truly.
10/31/2020 c19 alexquinal2002
Porfavor Update
10/30/2020 c19 2madtad1
Oh, and you dropped it here?! Please continue!
2/6/2020 c3 1MarkedDownMajin
Haha I find this hilarious and very interesting. I liked how you integrated Aether theory for your OC, I have a similar idea for my own OC I've constructed.
2/8/2019 c19 6BlueJack22
Can we get this story revive for 2019
1/8/2019 c19 4anand891996
Okay wow uiharu moment was awesome
1/8/2019 c17 anand891996
I haven't been able to stop this.
Now, Touma is obviously quite OOC in this, being a lot more perceptive. That works rather well for this story, but that not the main thing.
No what's really good about this story, are the OCs. The colorful lively OCs that have been so painstakingly built!
I want to see this story go a lot further.
You still have a habit of overusing your exclamation marks, giving emphasis to theatrics in places where it doesn't really need it
7/24/2018 c1 Sagnik Deb
the story is really great but there are only few dialogues
7/24/2018 c1 Sagnik Deb
there should have been more dialogues
3/12/2018 c19 2AriaTheLostMelody
Looking forward to the continuation of this story
7/3/2017 c18 Handsomistic1
Looks like the Major fell victim to Kami Disease...
7/2/2017 c19 Terry
First review as I joined late:
great job so far, while in the beginning some scenes dragged a little for me, things flow very well now.

I applaud you for the way the storylines have begun to entwine: that can be very hard to pull off. I look forward to slowly beginning to see the full picture as it crystalizes out of the plot.
7/2/2017 c13 Handsomistic1
Nice Amazo reference; brought a smile to my face.
7/2/2017 c9 Handsomistic1
Stopped to briefly comment: story's getting good, plot's picking up steam, and these OC's are getting more interesting. That last comment from Aleister about illusions getting shattered got me thinking "Oh snap!"

And reading on...
6/30/2017 c4 Handsomistic1
I read the opening statement of the next chapter and doubled back to review. Vampires are going to be involved in Academy City (along with Albert who names his equipment more than Fire Emblem's Owain/Odin), so it'll be interesting to ser how that plays out. It worked in Darkbetrayer's Infinite Possibility, so why not here as well.

You mentioned Hellsing Ultimate; I think there's an anime on that so I'll check it out.
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