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3/2 c26 Guest
Update please...
12/25/2022 c26 Guest
Next chapter please
11/8/2022 c26 guest
When are you going to post the next chapters ...
10/11/2022 c26 R
please update...
10/4/2022 c26 Guest
Update please
9/30/2022 c26 Guest
Please Update
9/22/2022 c26 Guest
Please update...i miss this fanfic...
9/15/2022 c26 guest
can you update this story please ?
9/13/2022 c26 guest
next please
9/11/2022 c25 Guest
I hope you will post your next chapter soon because I am getting anxious about it :):):)
9/5/2022 c26 6Saint Artemis
Thank you for this chapter! I thought the rough hard sex( it was super hot btw) was perfect for the story tone especially after what has happened in the last few chapters. Taking it slow and sweet would have thrown it off a bit so I think you made the right choice in not changing it. The 'I love you' at the end was sweet, I totally expect Natsu to be the first one to crack though I thought it might be a bit further on. I'm really curious about how mavis ties into this! I'm really excited for the next chapter!
9/2/2022 c24 23Kaneko Aikawa
You know what? This may very well be the best chapter you have written so far (that I've read) and reading your story in A/N adds to the many reasons why this is the best chapter. And I don't think it's just the best chapter you have written but also the best chapter over all. I felt the emotion that Natsu and Lucy felt, and it's how you tell feels REAL. Even without reading your story, I could only guess that the feelings that Natsu and Lucy felt were human and genuine...that you had been there before too. And that's what makes it relatable.

Also seeing Gray's development was satisfying in of itself. I was hoping that I would see his backstory here and I got it, and boy the pay-off was satisfying! I only can wish for the best for him that he too can be whole by the end of this story, and of course Natsu and Lucy.

Anyway, this is my favourite story that you have written and it's not just because of the crime stuff and sex (yes I even like the sex I just like the other stuff more haha but that doesn't mean I don't like the sex). It's because of how you write the characters, the drama and struggles they feel, and the mess that they get themselves into and how they overcome it. In fact, it was an inspiration behind my zombie fic, The Voiceless, so there's that (though that story has been put on hiatus as now my muse is all about Bungo Stray Dogs now lol).

Sorry about the long review... I'm glad that you're doing okay now. Looking forward to reading more whenever.
9/1/2022 c23 Kaneko Aikawa
To tell you the truth, I actually like the actual crime family/Jose/Jude part much more than the sex. I found the twists and turns in these past couple of chapters to be so interesting that i want to know what happens next. I'm wondering how those plot points will be solved and progress more as the story goes around. Natsu and Lucy's relationship...I'm also curious to see how they will progress as well.
8/19/2022 c26 4TaraPasty
I thought the heart to heart was great, and nice to see Natsu adding his spin to Lucy’s request too!
8/13/2022 c26 1Lodemai04
Damn that was a good chapter. I do think Natsu is a little worried that he may have broken what he loved about Lucy. Just got the feeling she is going to be colder than Natsu ever was, mainly because she was the only innocent one. I could be wrong, but it seems like a possibility.
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