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6/9 c26 Guest
Can’t wait for the ending. I hope you’re ready to upload the next chapter soon.
5/14 c26 Nicola
How did I miss this update!? Always good to come back and see a chapter up! And after such a long time to get to enjoy re-reading it all as well. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work!
4/27 c26 Ivy
Great story you have here! I truly hope you will update soon. I love how long it is. I only started it yesterday and I'm finished with it. I was so enamored with it that I just couldn't stop reading! I'm dying to know who is behind the curse. Part of me is guessing that maybe it's Sybil. Maybe that's why she would leave for weeks at a time on trips to "visit her uncle"... I definitely could be wrong though. Update soon, please! In the meantime, I'll move on to reading Villainous.
4/19 c26 Bobby
I think what I love the most about this chapter, and in general this story, is how much attention you give to Link's combat prowess. I love Hadrian's description of Link being a war god compared to him... you seem to borrow elements from The Iliad in the way you describe Link at times, and make him out to be a demigod. Likewise, I love the grittiness and the seriousness and how it's juxtaposed by Link's growing confidence and his snarky comments around Zelda. Also, I enjoy how you consider the various other regions of the LoZ lore such as Labrynna, Holodrum, Termina, and Ikana. It makes the world feel larger. I'm definitely curious to see where this story goes... Keep up the great work!
4/9 c20 Twokeyz
More of the same, I like it! And now the adventure begins.

Never stop writing.
4/9 c18 Twokeyz
I love this one. Budding romance amid all the hardship. I keep picturing the dress being gold and royal blue, though you specified sky blue. Either way, she'd look good in it.

And that was a very creepy way to end the chapter, but it has been a while since we saw that little imp. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Never stop writing.
4/9 c17 Twokeyz
Heya. Long time. I kept hoping for either more of this or more of Dead Inside. Lo and behold, ten more chapters to read! A veritable treasure trove!

A very informative chapter. As of now I have three suspects. Anne, Sybil, and Lady Crevan. Speaking of whom, good to see Link put her in her place, that is very satisfying.

Never stop writing.
3/22 c26 Guest
Bruh you said 2 weeks till the next chapter and it’s been 4 MONTHS now! Are you ok?! I’m getting so worried! :,((((
3/14 c26 Guest
Come back to us please. Your stuff is too good to go without.
3/1 c26 Zing
You’re an incredible writer. The depth and detail of the story and characters (including your OCs) is right on par with any other big time published book writer. I’m super impressed. It’s so hard to stop reading once I’ve started. I hope you’re doing well during these crazy times and look forward to when the next chapters come out. Quick question (kind of a weird one), are there any songs that come to mind that make you think of this story? Sometime when I’m listening to music I hear a song whose lyrics and tune and theme make me think of this story. So I wanna know if that happens to you too lol maybe gives you some inspiration or something
2/28 c26 RexHeros
badger badger
1/30 c26 Guest
I go back and read this story every once in a while and fuck I love it so much! Normally I don’t care for OCs but I love yours and how you’ve built this world
I can’t get enough of it
12/30/2020 c26 Kreshi
Really good! I just got around to reading this chapter and I’m happy to report I was not disappointed! I’m extremely excited to see where the story goes next! :)
12/27/2020 c26 Guest
I never leave reviews but this is just brilliant. The characters, the atmosphere, the excellent plot and just ugh, it’s all soo good. I’ve binged this over like 3 days and can’t wait to read the next chapter. I hope you’re doing well in these challenging times and thank you for coming back to this absolutely riveting story.
12/20/2020 c26 15Tek Sonay
I love this story. This story terrifies me. In fact I’ve had this chapter bookmarked for almost a month because I was too scared to read about the dark castle, and lo and behold the eyes under the lake almost wrecked me ahhhhh! But I am also excited for what’s next! Thank you for this update! I adore Shad and Zelda’s friendship dynamic. I also hope Link and Ashei find word of their loves soon. Still suspicious of Anne! We shall see, we shall see...
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