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for The Cardinal and the Eagle

8/27/2017 c1 hypernova2718
It would be awesome if Cardin could continue to grow.
6/14/2015 c1 2Doritato
Aw. Short, but touching and sweet. I kinda guessed that things would go badly judging from the "Angst" tag, but it still did kinda get to me. Good work c:
6/14/2015 c1 1gandalf da black
This is a good story. I like it and I have to say that the more you write a character you dislike the more you'll find that you don't dislike them.
6/13/2015 c1 3Lachrymose Comedian
I think it s a good story so far! I do think that her semblance Was a bit convenient and Cardin jumping off the cliff was a little much, but it was well written besides that!

Using Cardin's eyesight issues due to a prank as a basis was a very genius idea!

As far as my personal opinion on Cardin as a character he is actually my favorite. It's weird lol I mean im african american; my family and myself have dealt with racism before so i should be on the faunas side of things with no issue. But i feel bold enough to say Cardin is a character that has the most room for growth. I mean that last look he gives jaune after saving his life shows that there may be something more than a bully there. As well as the show writers stating that there is more to Cardin than what we see.

I don't think a lot of of people consider the Idea that maybe there is an actual reason in his past for his hatred, the same as the white fang hates humans. something misguided but understandable.
I always had an issue with people killing him off for no reason than just to make him fodder. I mean i obviously don't like racist but its not like I would want them dead either. I would feel like a hypocrite if I wanted some racist old man dead for yelling at me or even hitting me(like in a highschool jock kind of way, not viscous gang kind of way). Humiliation, comeuppance , sure, but murder and death is just the ultimate evil either way you wanna look at it.
Everybody has a reason for being what they are, and my hatred quickly turns to pity and curiosity for these people.

I think even with Cardin's treatment of faunus at least he isn't hanging them in trees and burning them at the stake like hate groups in reality do.

I was going to go with a story where Cardin's family is part of an inquisition sort of group known for hunting faunus(maybe call them the 'Wild Hunt'.) He himself grew disgusted with the idea of killing and torturing people he didnt like , even with his hatred of faunus he'd rather be a jock than be a sociopath and murder. Kind of like a bad apple trying to escape from a worst tree.

People wont read it, but it has sort of been my head canon lol

In any case I do think you have something good here.

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