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6/28 c1 Guest
Did you thought about writing again?
6/9 c40 Cat
Is there an update on whether or not this story will be finished?
4/10 c1 Guest
How is this story goingto end. I loved it so far
3/15 c22 somekindofheaven
this was just heartbreaking and frustrating and i hated scottie ... i hate being emotional
2/10 c1 lea.fdlr
I need to know how this story ends! I really enjoyed reading it.
2/8 c40 Guest
2/6 c1 Blabuni
Please start writing again
1/17 c40 5OracleGuessMe
oh man really this current end is a bit annoying honestly. like i grt it it but sad i really enjoyed this fanfiction an di hope u are still going to continue and even if u dont it was worth reading I absolutely adored this.
1/17 c37 OracleGuessMe
many people used this proposal idea and god damnit i love it
1/17 c25 OracleGuessMe
omg thia reference makes me wanna cry this is amazing
1/17 c25 OracleGuessMe
a little pumpkin... awww my ghooood
1/17 c24 OracleGuessMe
1/16 c19 OracleGuessMe
omg thats a brilliant idea to pull that up again!
1/16 c5 OracleGuessMe
hahahah wellll
10/22/2020 c40 Guest
Wait did this go somewhere else? Help meeee.
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