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12/1/2015 c1 WrestlingReader
Dude! After six straight hours of playing BL2, I read your story and it's like, "I'm still playing, but now we have wrestlers. And it would be cool if you could play R/D/S in the game, wouldn't it?

Anyway, so I guess I need to give more of a review than that, right? Okay, yeah, it's so clear Boarderlands, if you know the game, but buddy, you did a good job of making it so if you don't know the game, you can still figure it out.

Dean being all hyped up on video games. I know the dude doesn't do tech, but if he did, you just know he'd be a gamer. He's just got that, "I'd be happy to live on Funyuns and Mountain Dew for the next four days because AwesomeGameSeven came out," look to him.

Of course Seth wants games where he can run around and shoot things, it's so Ninja of him. Roman? I figure him for a Maden player. Or the latest WWe game. "Can I play myself? I am awesome!"

Marcus talking about how addictive the game is? Is there something in this version that makes it addictive or is it just that Boarderlands *is* addicting? Or, both?

That's always the downfall when you go into a game, the damage becomes real.

Leave it to Dean though, to not care, the game is fun and even though he's been hurt, he enjoyed it so he still wants to play. Like I said, Funyons and Mountain Dew!
8/3/2015 c1 5AeonBlue
I can't say I've ever played Borderlands, but just the way you describe the costuming and environment, I can get a very real, very clear feel for it.

That after-a-long-trip feeling, where you've got to do ANYTHIG to relax...yep, I know that one. Two kids, small car, inlaws that live WAY far away. Why do I not own this video game?

Dean and Seth are perfectly in character here - I can see Seth as (IRL) being in to video games, and anything that lets Dean be a consequences free idiot with a gun for a bit has got to be right up his alley. Roman is appropriately cautious, which I like.

Paige is a good choice, too. She's got a spontaneous streak in her, and I think she really would be okay with meeting up with the guys for some mindless fun.

Marcus - and in think someonenelse said this? - made me immediately picture Paul Bearer. :)

He wasn't kidding when he said the game was addictive! Even Roman is enjoying it a little *too* much (in a good way), but again, it makes sense. You've got to be a pretty intense person to have a career as a wrestler; an intense video game fits in with that.

Oh, no...that was the component I was missing - Marcus' comment about the game being "realistic"...thankfully it was only Dean's arm.

You really should continue it, even if it's as a series of one-shots. You've got more descriptive and grammatical ability/know-how than a LOT of people on this site.
7/1/2015 c1 Zipper
C mentioned you had a story up and since it's a one shot, I figured I'd check it out. You have a great concept here, being able to visit this gaming world. I'd be all over that if it were true. Except for the part about the damage being real. That would suck.

You should think about doing another one. It might force me to get an account here. Willow is getting me close, this might push me into doing it.
7/1/2015 c1 25wencho17
Hey there! Thanks for passing this story along to me. It was pretty good. For some reason though when I read it I couldn't help but read Marcus as this British guy haha. But overall, it was really good. Different. I kind of had a feeling the virtual reality was going to be more real than virtual but I like how you wrote it. I think it works better as a one-shot. But if you do write anything else in this story or in a new story, I'd be happy to read.
6/27/2015 c1 212PlatinumRoseLady
This was very interesting - it had a quite intense vibe to it. And Marcus sounds more than a little creepy.

Very good for a first effort. It was very much in character.

Hope to see more of your writing.
6/20/2015 c1 XGoldXFox
Ooh, this was good! I love your writing style, good job!
Is this just a one-shot? You should definitely continue!
~ XGoldXFox
6/19/2015 c1 WatchfulOne
Excellent job for someone who has never written before. There are people on this site who have been writing for years and haven't done as well as you did for your very first attempt.

I like the whole idea that these folks are sucked into this game and the damage you take can be real. It does make me wonder though, if med packs or healing spells would work.

If you did continue you could do a lot with this. You could have them continue this game until the end, or you could even have them getting sucked into other games as well. Imagine half the roster getting sucked in to Halo or something. (Yes, I know, they only have four arm bands and glasses, but why do I figure Marcus can show up anywhere he wants and for another fifty dollars and supply them with another four.)

Great job for a first time writer.
6/17/2015 c1 Jedikia
Sorry, my review was sent too early. What I meant to say was, the animated show was like this but instead, if your character died then in real life, your brain was fried. And if you tried to turn off the game as well. After trying to watch the show, it made to think about a lot of things and I didn't play video games after awhile.

That Marcus got was creepy, how he was towards Dean, he reminded me from the host from Twisted Metal. I am just glad Dean only got a small injury and not something lethal. Good story, is the game you based this story off of like the show I thought of?
6/18/2015 c1 24nolabell66
I liked it.
Very interesting.
6/17/2015 c1 error404-known
Wow, this was good but really crazy. I've never played that game before but I used to watch this animated show, I think it was called Sword Online. In that show it was like if you die in the game you die thg real life and it kinda scared me I was kind of scared of video games for a while
6/15/2015 c1 Guest
Cool story, Boarderlands rocks. I hope you continue this.
6/15/2015 c1 75BadassBurgess
You know I like the Borderlands games so I think it's cool how you managed to work in some of the caracters. It would be cool to play the way you described it. A very good effort for a first story.
6/15/2015 c1 4mitchy21
You can't leave it there!

Poor Dean getting shot but, now that he knows to be careful. Marcus reminds me of Paul Heyman sneaky little sucker LOL

Awesome keep going. I'm Hooked!
6/15/2015 c1 39Willow Edmond
Wow, you got this up fast! And thanks for the shout out, I appreciate it. But you did the hard work, you wrote the story. I just helped smooth it out. And honestly? I've seen a whole lot worse for a first effort, so you should be proud of yourself! It took me a long time of writing before I was this good.

I like the basic idea, this game that you really enter. It's been done before, but I'm not sure if it's ever been done with wrestling and/or Shield specifically.

You do know that you left this open, so if you wanted to continue it, you could.

Again, good job for a first try. I never even thought you wanted to write, which is why I never encouraged you. I'm glad other folks did, because yeah, it's a very good first effort.

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