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for Freaks' Dorm in Wonderland

7/14/2015 c1 1Perrin Finly
Wow. I'm pretty sure you've touched almost all of the sore subjects in society, besides murders and probably something else that isn't coming to my mind.
People can be beastly. These kids have had to go through all kinds of crap just because people are so unaccepting. I mean, I might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but so long as they respect my boundaries I'll respect them, get me? I'm sure we'd end up being friends too, because I actually have lot's of experience with out of the norm people. (My cousin is autistic, my brother has anger issues, my sister is dealing with depression, another cousin is lesbian, and one of my best friend's is bi. I feel lonely, constantly.) We all have things to deal with. People can be such jerks.

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