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for Dying Tickles

11/12/2022 c46 Godzilla is the goat
me want more
10/20/2022 c46 Weldfair
I hope this isn't abandoned, reading it was a great way to pass the time.
9/30/2022 c46 HughJasz
what a great and entertaining story so far. I sincerely hope to see you continue this until it reaches a final conclusion. Hopefully there's some sort of Happy ending for Garret. Even after all the things he's done he still deserves one.

Hope to see another update soon :)
9/6/2022 c46 AvirRapter
I must admit, I wasn't expecting to be so hooked on this story, so attached to the characters. It's certainly... shattered a good number of my expectations, to the point that this may be one of my favourite fics here. Awesome work! Excited to see more.
9/6/2022 c43 AvirRapter
Garret bless Tarkus, he's too precious.
9/6/2022 c31 AvirRapter
I think I'd like Tarkus' father.
8/11/2022 c15 Guest
Who are Betty and Veronica?
8/8/2022 c46 randomguy9005
This story is great, can't wait to see what the team will do next after Garret gets the Moonlight GS
8/3/2022 c46 2HoJ Roxas
Thank you for the chapter.

I'm very glad to see this story is continuing after so long. And with the joyous reunion of father and daughter to boot.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming encounter with Seath, hopefully with his part resolved, the tension in the group could lessen.

Have a nice day and stay safe!
8/3/2022 c46 DevilOlantern
Love the chapter, thank you for your work!
8/3/2022 c46 LordSamos33
Been binging this story for the last couple of days and it's been worth every minute~
8/2/2022 c46 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Let the super bonk begin.
Bathe the world in the flames OF FRENZ-oops wrong game
Anyways love the chapters I can't wait for the next update
8/1/2022 c46 sao for life
Great chapter so happy to see sieglinde reunited with her father and the group one step closer to Seath and oolacile!
8/1/2022 c46 4Natzo
It's been a while! Remember be, what's going on with the bonfires?
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