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for Dying Tickles

4/12 c46 8Lucius Walker
Binge read this, and I'm loving it! Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/19 c1 Guest
most banal fanfictions I've ever read as if it were a compilation of other fics
2/16 c46 MarkHasSeenSomeShit
a great story that haven't been update in 2 years now... I wish it had completed itself so I could see the end of it but I guess great things can sometimes disappoint
2/16 c46 1AFatDragon
sad that this seems to be the end of the story. So much character development waiting to happen... sadge.

Still loved it though, every word.
2/15 c34 AFatDragon
again. paradox. kinda pissed garret hasn't realized either. but he's also under a lot of pressure so that can be forgiven. the others, not so much.
2/15 c33 AFatDragon
not gonna lie, this chapter pissed me off for a plethora of reasons. The writing is excellent and I love the story, but the fact that nobody has ever really pondered Garret's foresight abilities infuriates me.

Regarding Dusk, Garret warning her would have probably created a paradox in which the changes to the timeline ensured Garret wouldn't have been able to warn Dusk in the first place. Garret COULDN'T save Oolacile, because saving it would have ensured he wouldn't be in a position TO save it. So being pissed at him for not causing a massive paradox feels stupid.

Also, dude is literally 19 years old and has to bear the weight of the literal fucking world, while resigning himself to death so the other people around him can live. The youngest member of this group has to sacrifice his life and nobody has really considered that either. Not to mention that Garret has effectively lost his entire family and life, and won't even live long enough to make a new one. He has nothing to live for or die for anymore except for these people he has surrounded himself with.

And ALSO, most of these fuckers would have died anyways had Garret not decided to fight fate. Dude could have ran with the script and not bothered changing anything, but he decided to go out of his way and save so many people. And still, they don't recognize that by this point.

I just finished this chapter, so maybe the others will realize some of this later. but if they don't imma be a little bit pissed off at their idiocy.

Still an absolutely awesome story tho, I just feel like my boy Garret is getting too much hate from his party.
2/15 c46 Ankar6
яt was great reading this story
hope to see continue one day
12/15/2023 c46 ArsynDeVania
I dont necessarily agree with all the drama going on rn, but I'm glad some of it has come to a sort of conclusion. The scene between dusk and garret was
12/10/2023 c46 Guest
Where does it say it has been discontinued? Last time this was updated was like a years length before another chapter was added but still. I mean yeah I can see it being dropped but is the a explicit confirmation?
12/9/2023 c46 E
Shame that it ended with discontinue and not a complete. Great dark souls fanfic.
10/1/2023 c46 PandoraOfVanity
Just finished the last chapter. This was a wonderful read
7/14/2023 c3 Guest
Please have mercy on gwyndolin. It’s not his fault he was neglected and abused :( -lord Malum
7/11/2023 c2 BoredKing
Can't you heal Ana by killing her and then reviving her?
7/9/2023 c46 9Emrys Akayuki
Ah dang, I was hoping this story was finished, read the whole thing in two days, followed and favourited, hope it gets an update, but even if it doesn't, thanks for the ride.
6/26/2023 c46 Guest
Still no update to this, I am so sad ;-;
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