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2/14/2017 c1 1sayasage
8/29/2016 c1 Guest
I like whisky.
6/3/2016 c1 TheWolf87
Beautifully done, is there more coming?
12/21/2015 c1 BriBriDoo
This is amazing!
You've really grasped the characters well. I can't wait to see where you will take this next.
Will you do a time jump to Ichigo highschool years, or go chunk by chunk?
Anyways, keep up the great work, and i look forward for more!
11/30/2015 c1 1Strawberry White Tiger
This is really good! Hope to see more soon :) x
9/28/2015 c1 fellow
I love the concept - hope to see more.
9/27/2015 c1 1pixy
This is just so very sweet! I hope you write more!

And wow! Ichigo is going to grow up knowing his love to sew cousin Ishida!
9/21/2015 c1 5silverscribbles
Awwww that's adorable! I'd love to read a fic about Ichigo growing up in an environment like this! The Visored are awesomeeee
8/4/2015 c1 xaxki
I've never read a Bleach fanfic with this twist before. Can't wait to see where you take this :)
7/19/2015 c1 Lorelei
Please continue this wonderful story.
7/11/2015 c1 7Chick1966
Um 15 year old ichigo's birthday?
6/23/2015 c1 4iamAdisco
Absolutely amazing! Keep it up!
6/19/2015 c1 Guest
I enjoyed this chapter, thank you for writing ;)
6/18/2015 c1 2Starsilver
Aw, this is adorable! And the writing style is great too. I really hope that this gets continued, and I can't wait to see what you come up with for the invasion of the soul society/ rescue Rukia arc.

6/17/2015 c1 1cearo
Good start! It's making me curious about the possible outcomes. Will Ichigo and Isshin be a bit closer than they are in canon since there won't be this spirit world sized secret between them? Will the Ishida family be a bit more involved? Will Masaki still die (or will it be someone else, oh man some small hurt/comfort moments maybe? as in-character as you can make them?)? And later on can we have some zangetsus (plural emphasized!) thrown in? I don't know how far you're planning on taking this, but I feel you can do so much with this.
Anyhow, good job on this, you've got me excited damnit
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