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1/29 c35 Hola
I wanted to let you know that on your Pa tre on archive, the latest chapters of this story are not accessible from chapter 50 onward. Can you please fix that? Thank you.
1/23 c35 Lazy Servant
Thanks for this.
Very interesing to read.
11/17/2023 c35 Gallerian
Thanks for the update, keep up the good work. Ignore the haters, if they don't want NTR, why read this then. They're just a bunch of hypocrites, please keep updating this story.
11/17/2023 c35 Mufalan
Try again please
11/17/2023 c35 b90371607
please go to hell
11/17/2023 c35 Mard Geer03
the hell, this was still alive?
10/10/2023 c34 1runelt99
What the hell. Googling I found that the story went to chapter 63 or something. It was in 2020 or something. Damned author hiding it in that ptron website where people get paid for work. At least mention that this isn't an in progress fic but finished long time ago
9/7/2023 c34 1Beta117
No cap.. This is the timeline that created counter guardian shirou.
7/29/2023 c34 9Ragnar the Rad
Eh, the story just keeps getting worse. You should have put a cap on it some ten chapters ago, I think.

At the beginning the story wasn't bad, and I could feel myself into Rin's characgter a bit. Sure, what she did was terrible, but also understandable. She was used, that happens, and can happen in real life. But then the story became bland, the smut became bland, the NTR became something that simply was and held no consequences anymore, and now Rin is just your typical Hentai rape victim that you can see in every third Hentai that exists.

A girl motivated by cock and cock alone. A Taimin Asagi characgter through and through.

As I said, I think this story should have ended ten chapters ago. NTR smut is only fun as long as the victim has some fight in them, its the same in Hentai, once the girl starts to like it, the story is over and the smut just grows ever more exessive and unrealistic. Thats my take on Hentai and smut at least, its always episore 1 thats the best, and all that come after grow more and more boring.

Just have Shiro appear to see what happened, let him do one of three things (suicide, going on a rampage, or banging Rin and Saber himself and joining thier rapists) and then you've written a pretty decent NTR story.
7/17/2023 c24 akd48
damn, bro can u make a douginshi out of this?
7/11/2023 c34 7Wally991
I really want a NTR consequences fic of this. Like, Shiro coming back, seeing the betrayal and then everything goes to shit, like, making a deal with the devil kinda shit, hell on earth and regret pouring out of Rin, Saber and every person that betrayed him.

That was always my complain with NTR genre. Not the betrayal or the smut part, but that we never get to see how the one that got NTRed gets even.

For example, Rin coming to the realization that she broke the promise to Archer, to take care of Shiro so he doesn't end up like him. But imagine if it is because of her and what she did that Shirou ended up like Archer.

I want her to burn in regret, to wallow ok her misery, that's the only thing I want at the end of the NTR, but you probably won't do that, that's okay, everyone has their taste. Maybe an After Story or an SS? A short Omake?
6/15/2023 c1 shafinjakaria975
I can't believe I read this shit I should have paid better ettention reading the description god damn it WHY GOD WHY MUST I LIVE WITH THIS
6/10/2023 c1 dindinrindin72
disgusting piece of shit
6/8/2023 c1 Dasgun
5/19/2023 c1 1Sheogorath-Loves-His-Cheese
For the first time in my life, I will say this with complete honestly and free from all impulsive emotion: Go die, as soon as possible. You are a wretch, a worthless filth undeserving of the very air you breath. A waste of space, I blame your parents for giving birth to such a disgusting, foul piece of shite. Again, go die, it would be for the better.
Or change, it’s always possible to change and become a better person, though I doubt you will.
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