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for Softear's story

8/28/2015 c16 1Starlight's Silver Dance
Animal jam! I play that! I'm bluetreeleaved. What's your username? What kind of drama xD?
8/2/2015 c13 Starlight's Silver Dance
Hmm. That seemed too good to be true. I don't know what to think now! Good chap btw!
~Star :)
8/1/2015 c12 Starlight's Silver Dance
I wonder how this quest will go. What challenges will they face? I hope to be surprised! :D
~Star :)
7/24/2015 c8 Starlight's Silver Dance
I think it was good! Its clever how you did games during a gathering. Keep up the good work !
~Star :)
7/22/2015 c7 Starlight's Silver Dance
This is honestly really really good for a first fanfiction! Probably better than I can do! I simply suggest proofreading your work, making it a bit longer, and using a spellchecker. Otherwise I wish you luck and hope to see more
~Star :)

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