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6/23/2015 c1 Secret River Fan
Thank you for this. I love it. There's a lot going on, even though the scene is quite brief. I like Pema's sense of something not right. And Tenzin doesn't lie to her face, but he's doing the typical Airbender evasion...the partial truth that he and Lin did go out for dinner, and then kissing Pema instead of answering her question.

If I have one quibble it's that I don't buy that Lin and Pema will ever be close. Polite and even friendly enough, yes, but I still don't see Lin ever confessing anything personal to Pema or either of them considering the other as a sister. But perhaps I'm just too cynical.

I like the phrase "her small world closing in" I do think Pema has demonstrated a pretty narrow worldview, first with her advice to Korra about 'soulmates' and others being 'the wrong woman.' The show didn't portray her as a person with interests or a life outside of being a mother. I don't think Pema and Tenzin were ever friends or had a strong connection outside of their kids, so I can understand how it'd be devastating to realize she's not her husband's best friend and that he's found emotional fulfillment with someone else.
6/17/2015 c1 4Pandoium
Thank you for writing this. The emotions are so raw here. I've never really like Pema either she's just too soft and gentle for my taste but Tenzin and Lin how always seem so right in my head.

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