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9/14 c12 Godschildtweety
I love it
2/10 c6 Guest
In all honesty this is the best fan fiction I have ever read I’m being so serious right now and I have read a lot could see a potential career as a writer ️
2/10 c2 Guest
You want a review this, this, this... is actually amazing the whole series/universe has lived up to EVERY expectation
12/21/2020 c12 5kawaiitohruchan
I loved this fic! It was very heartwarming! You are truly an amazing writer.
12/21/2020 c10 kawaiitohruchan
This was such a sad chapter. But I LOVED it.
12/21/2020 c9 kawaiitohruchan
This was a sad chapter.. I'm sad that Luffy and Nami have to seperate :( Sanji is such a weirdo though!
11/30/2020 c7 kawaiitohruchan
11/30/2020 c6 kawaiitohruchan
I was so scared for Nami! I thought the baby was going to die D:
11/28/2020 c5 kawaiitohruchan
This is so cute! My heart is warmed!
11/28/2020 c3 kawaiitohruchan
11/28/2020 c1 kawaiitohruchan
Love this first chapter! It was bittersweet. I can tell that your writing has improved! I know I'll love this fanfic :)
8/20/2020 c12 11Basil Allegri
Everyone's reactions to the pregnancy were awesome. You wrote Luffy's building excitement for the baby very well. Thanks for posting!
8/9/2020 c11 SofiaLSAN15
I have a question. Did you change somethin his chapter? Didn't he said that he squeaked like a pig and made Nami believe that he had killed him?
6/9/2020 c12 Nami4Life
The Luffy and Nami was excellent ,not a fan of all the other stuff like nami being pregnant stood in a bar acting like a tramp,when luffy first brought Ed out sanji was going to insult luffy again but decided not to because the baby looked like his nami swan ,chopper not wanting luffy to hold his damn son ,writing Nezumi back into it ,hated all that shit
6/9/2020 c11 Nami4Life
Now Nezumi turns up ,and it’s all fucked
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