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5/19/2018 c4 7Althea Sirius
And now it's turned weird.
5/19/2018 c1 Althea Sirius
So is Ed a girl or not not? And Neko... really? I hope you change them back.
9/19/2017 c1 10Eli Clark
I really don't like the idea of Ed's gender changing. While I have read a few where he does have a different gender, it's not because he was changed into a female. It's because they switched the gender he was born as. But this? I prefer Ed as a male, thank you.
11/30/2016 c11 2MuffinOverLord8
Yeah, and now its been another bday for the book, but with no more torture sences...
Edward, where are you going? Get back here.
8/25/2016 c11 8Attackoneverything
Please update this XD
I really like these! XD
Roy is now a blind chimera
Ed is a girl/chimera
What else cpuld you do?! XD
Can't wait for more XD
11/29/2015 c11 2Alter Ego AV
Higurashi is gross.
11/19/2015 c11 1Brightheart10
You need to work on your torture scenes, that one was painfully short but still an overall ok.
11/12/2015 c10 Brightheart10
Short and sweet I suppose but still good.
11/6/2015 c9 Brightheart10
Good as always though seems like it was missing something but I don't know what.
11/6/2015 c9 1Lincoln 6-echo
Interesting idea like to see where you take this
6/30/2015 c8 1Brightheart10
It's not a bad chapter and we can say that is so called karma of a sort for the readers due to you posting so fast before! :P :)
6/30/2015 c8 Guest
I'm that same guest that explained sex and gender, and thank you for considering what i said and making changes! I really do appreciate it. He'll have to do a few extra things now that he has a female body - like chest binding since he still identifies as male, and I'd imagine he'd like to keep the fact that he's physically female a secret from most people.
Seriously, I really appreciate the changes. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
Until next time!
6/21/2015 c7 Brightheart10
For the chapter lol. And you should read my story 5 Worlds Worth of Chaos. I'm moving to a new site so it's a bit out of date due to changes but fairly accurate. It's getting too violent for his site.
6/21/2015 c7 idea.getthe
I wonder what will happen if the 'cat' is in HEAT... HEHEHEHE
6/21/2015 c7 Guest
Well... Please don't take this then wrong way but i think this would be better labelled as sex-bender and not gender bender...
See, sex is physically what you are - male or female - while gender is what you mentally identify as. That could mean anything from cisgender (you identify same as the sex you were born with) to transgender (male sex, female gender or vice versa) to queer (none, both, alternating)
Just because they somehow managed to change Ed's sex doesn't mean he has to identify as a female now. I doubt it could actually change as fast as that.
Envy actually never has any set pronouns, they're essentially gender less.
This may seem like a bit much, but could you please refer to envy as such and have Ed still identify as male?
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