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6/19/2017 c1 191Qoheleth
Dear Eryniel:

Tiny thing, but - the word "platonically" is a peculiarly unfortunate one to use when disclaiming any intention of writing slash. If you've ever read Plato's dialogues, you know what I mean. (And, if you haven't, you really should.)


P.S.: Glad you liked "It Will Be Done, My Lord", by the way.
7/19/2016 c3 White Ithiliel
Dang! My review posted itself before I finished it x( I HATE when this happens! I'll re write it later, once I'm log in
7/19/2016 c3 White Ithiliel
Hullo, tis White Ithiliel. I can't log in currently, so I post this review as guest. I know, I've already posted reviews on this story, but I just re read it and thus I can't.
6/6/2016 c4 Translator-Lost
T_T Beleeeeeeg ! Come baaaack ! Pleaaaaase !

Why, Tolkien ? WHY ? This is the most saddening story of all the Silmarillion !

Eryniel Alassë, I'm very glad you made Beleg speak with Turin one last time. It is some kind of comfort, I think. I would rather see our dear Cuthalion stay alive, but it is impossible, of course. Therefore, thank you for the story :)

(And please don't mind about my terrible english. I'm french.)
12/17/2015 c4 10Eosrora
Unfortunately (and I stress unfortunately) I don't know neither "The Silmarillion" nor "The Lord of the Ring" :( it's strange I know, but I've never felt interested in them... Now, though, I'm seriously thinking of reading them just to understand better your stories! You are so good that I feel intimidated ;)
You manage to put such strong emotions in your stories that I can't help but feel involved, and your writing is so vivid that I can effortlessly see everything in mind! I even shed a cry or two here and there!
Thank you for writing this, you're really inspirational :)
10/26/2015 c4 10WalkingInTalaria
This is why I stick to crack humor. Because it takes a true genius to make such a sad scene work out so well, and while you may join the ranks of "fanfic-writer extraordinaire," I myself will never attain such lofty heights. Which, of course, is why I come to read and love such amazing pieces by other people. This was great, and I think the poem that you gave to Túrin really adds a lot of meaning and depth to Túrin's grief. Anyway, thank you for putting this story out for people like me to read and enjoy!
10/26/2015 c3 WalkingInTalaria
This is why making friends with Túrin "Turumbar" is a bad idea of the highest order. Knowing the man is almost as dangerous as going Silmaril-hunting. But still, I'm glad there exists a good retelling of the narrative in more detail than Tolkien gave us (and a good thing too, or my book would be swimming in tears). Anyway, ranting on Túrin's horrible friend-keeping skills aside, this was probably one of the best/worst chapters of the whole story so far. I loved Beleg's awfully sad last words to Túrin, and Túrin's reaction to said last words...all in all, a great death for a great character.
10/26/2015 c2 WalkingInTalaria
Oh, Gwindor. It's horrible how his story ends (like EVERYONE ELSE who ever got to know our friend "Turumbar" (that's a good one!)) But for now, at least, this story gives a sort of escape from the doom and gloom later on. Your writing is really great; you always manage to get the right emotions into the story, which is especially valuable in such a tragic life as good ol' Beleg's.
10/26/2015 c1 WalkingInTalaria
Wow! Without you putting the author's note in, I would have said that this was written by on the of the most passionate Silmarillion readers in the world. Your take on the canon was amazing, and the character descriptions fit perfectly with what little Tolkien gave us about these amazing people. Beleg has always been a favorite character of mine, and your version of him was just amazing. I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapters.
8/26/2015 c4 26Spades
Alright, all the names and places went over my head...well other than Turin and Hurin, I do recognize those. Very well written, a few grammatical/spelling errors but very minor. Big fan of Mary Elizabeth Frye. When I started reading it in your story I started laughing because it's actually in the last chapter of The Shadow of Your Smile. Kismit. Great story especially for your first.
6/30/2015 c4 27KiyaNamiel
Hey, I don't mean to be a spoilsport, but I think something is wrong with the third chapter... It's all weird.

Wow. So poignant. *crawls in corner and bawls*

I love this story so much. Please do post others! Thank you for this story, and all of the effort you put into it. I, if no one else, and in sure VCalien2015 enjoyed it very very much. :)

May the Valar guide your pen-
6/29/2015 c2 Nelyo
I just read the two available chapters, and I have to say that they're great. Like, I don't even know what else to say great. I've read the different versions of the story by Tolkien in his many books, but I like that you've put the reader in position to see more of the character, among other things. :) Looking forward to the next updates ((Go Beleg, Go!))
6/23/2015 c2 KiyaNamiel
*whimpers* you are going to make me cry when it finally comes to the end. *crawls away and cries*

I *sob* love Beleg and *sob* Túrin so much! *wail* waaaah!

Oh do please continue soon, this fic is absolutely wonderful!

As for the medical treatment, nothing is wrong with it, food job! ;)

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go recover from what you've put me through...

6/21/2015 c1 IVEMOVEDTOAO3
See? I promised you I'd review! :) Thank you so much for your dedication! It's truly heartwarming to know that I could give you courage, and I'm so glad to see this posted! :)

Your command of language is fluid and beautiful, as always! :) I've never been able to get inside Túrin and Beleg's heads very easily, but you've done so admirably, and everything seems perfectly in-character. I especially liked Túrin's musings on pain and its purpose (or lack thereof) in the beginning. I'm always drawn to philosophical things like that in a story; it gives the characters depth, knowing their views and opinions. The other thing I really respect is how well you've handled the fact that a large part of this tale is a battle and its consequences: it's gritty and realistic without being overly gory. That's often a delicate, hard-to-strike balance, so I applaud you for achieving it!

I do hope you continue this soon, and I'll eagerly read when you do! :)
6/21/2015 c1 10GingerRogers15
I love this so much! Thank you for writing non slash, this is exactly the kind of fic I've been looking for, you write so well and I hope you continue this!
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