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9/30 c2 3renextronex
This has all the signs of a rushed job. The gravitas you want to instill into the characters interactions is simply not there due to not having the appropriate build-up
7/26 c9 V
Love the story and wish you would finish it! I like the character development of Harry and the others trying to reconcile his "new" attitude with criminals and degenerates (especially Hermoine).
I believe the story you are looking for is called "Three to Backstep" by Sinyk. It's a Harry/Hermoine/Daphne story.
7/28 c9 avid potter reader
Love this are there any plans to finish this.?
7/11 c9 Polardagger
Please update soon. This is an amazing story and I would love to read as much as possible
5/1 c7 AngellJ18
Perdieron dos aƱos de comida en un solo dia
4/26 c9 5ThedemonlordPingu
Please continue this awesome story. It has so much potential. Please continue.
4/24 c9 richdsils
October 2019 last update ? are you going to write more for this story? PLEASE.
3/29 c9 1kittyranma
Finally a decent HP WD x-over where Harry's not gay. Though there are some good ones were he is. There is nothing wrong with that, I was just getting bored with them. If you don't mind gay Harry I highly recommend one called the bully by misteeirene, also same author savior's saviors. Actually I liked most of his/her stuff.
3/29 c1 kittyranma
Hmmm it doesn't make much sense, if the magicals are immune the walkers would ignore them. Oh well we'll see.
3/14 c9 Guest
Very interesting!
2/24 c8 Razeus1
Please, please, please don't pair Harry with Hermione.. I beg you!
Harry's had over a decade on his own to become his own man without the nagging and berating of his choices that Hermione always does to him.
She seems to think everyone should just bow to her ideals and morals instead of being true to their own.
I truly believe that if paired they would not be successful for very long, especially as Harry would get fed up with her always criticizing his beliefs and choices...
It just won't work out, at least in 'my' head.
2/22 c9 MavWildcard
Great story so far, thanks for sharing.
The quote about souls and bodies sounds like something from the Lone Traveller series by Dunuelos but I'm not positive.
2/17 c9 Guest
What if Harry (the Magical) was related to every Potter on the planet no matter how distant bc magic wouldn't let even mundane use a name they didn't inherently own? The same with all magical families?

Why would Hogwarts fall?

Also I've been thinking this a while, but if hospitals and the CDC have back up generators and what not then couldn't sperm banks also have them? Check even just one sperm bank (even a small one) could buy them another 5 generations or so. The current high count from a single donor is over a 1,000 children, before that was over 600. Not to mention if every mundane man that Harry and hang come across donates some sperm to be magically stored It could also help insure the survival how humanity... Though they will all still need to be pre-screened for diseases and health defects and what not.

It would be a major help especially if make magical could also carry children.

Time to turn the CDC into a magical fortress place the wards like a mile or to out to better protect the equipment, then clear the area, scavenge the bodies, and burn them.
2/17 c7 Guest
Please, please no HarryxHermione it's almost as bad as HarryxGinny. Even a HarryxOFC would be better if you have to have a m/f pairing... I can't stand Hermione and Ginnys nagging or their 'tonight's on how the 'BWL' should act. Even no romance would be better.
1/14 c9 BMS
Not bad but not as promising as it started out as.
Good luck w/ the rest but I'm out.
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