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3/10 c30 2Red Wings
Yay, finally, Allen and Hitomi are reunited again! And yes, Allen, teach that Daedalian prince some manners! No way is Van even going to consider that twin sister of his. They need to go back where they came from.

Whoa, Aldric is attracted to Hitomi? No offense, but I think he's better off with Eries, if he wants a wife. Princess Eries has political sense and conniving wit, and she could protect him a lot better than he can protect Hitomi, although he's done a good job helping her out. I think that Aldric and Eries would get along and have a good marriage, since he seems the type to respect women (aside from his crude jokes), and he isn't really interested in politics or ruling (thought he does love Fanelia as his cousin King Van does). Princess Eries would have a friend in him and would have free reign to rule, unhindered. With Dreiden and Millerna to be the future king and queen of Asturia, Eries would have to bow out of that little monarchy. At least, Eries would be close by, in Van's court, with friends and allies. It'd be a win-win for them both.

Uh oh, what male cat is on Merle's terf? I hope she doesn't get hurt defending her territory and Hitomi.

Thank you for this fic, and I hope all is well with you!
3/10 c29 Red Wings
Stupid nobles and royals. They clearly have never lived outside of their white castles. At least Van came clean, and has the best reason not to take a wife. With the attack and the demons, there's little point. He needs to be able to survive this to even bother to think about marriage again.

I think it's almost time for Eries to be part of Van and Allen's gang. She can be the smarts of the group, with political clout and everything. By the way, does Allen know that Hitomi is back in Gaea? Did Gaddess tell him that? Can't wait to read more!

If Allen is here as a bodyguard to Eries, where is Celena? Has Allen given her a bodyguard or some sort of staff to help her on her own? Since turning back to herself again, does Celena now have her long hair back?

Whatever. I'm sure you have a plan to reintroduce all the characters back in some good form.

It will sadden me, but I'm off to the most current chapter.
3/9 c28 Red Wings
Oooof, I totally forgot about Gaddess! To think that he prefers men - and a Mystic Moonling, to boot! How did Dane end up in Gaea, anyways? Like Hitomi, he has a pendant. Makes me wonder how he got it, if one of his family members took a trip to Gaea as well.

Aww, and Dane likes Ruhm. Talk about making another love triangle! Nice one.

Poor Eries, having to deal with the harem. That Percival seems like someone who'll cause her and Van a lot of trouble in the future. Thank the gods for Allen! But, again, he's getting involved with another princess? And related to Marlene and Millerna! Good lord, he seems to prefer this family of princesses much. I didn't think anyone would pair Allen with Eries. In my opinion, I think Eries should make her own destiny, and not have to be romantically attached to a man just to be recognized. She's too good for any man!

As for Allen...geez. He really needs to stick to his own oaths. Why not just stick to taking care of Celena? That should be more important than romancing another princess. But alas, that's not up to me.

I look forward to the next chapter.
3/9 c27 Red Wings
Oh for Gaea's sake, Van! Don't just run off after confessing like that! Seriously, man the eff up already! Let Hitomi have her say, too. Stupid king, stupid man.

I think in the end, Hitomi may just take Lucem's deal so they can defeat Shadow. Getting it on with a real angel may be tough, but...our heroine is tough. I'm sure she can negotiate with Lucem to get a better deal. Somehow, I keep thinking about the Holy Spirit in Christianity who enters Mother Mary's body, and then she gives birth to baby Jesus. While that's not what's going to happen here (she's meant to have Van's babies!), beings like Lucem tend to leave behind special gifts for their Chosen Ones. When you wrote 'avatar', I also think of the series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The merging of a mortal and a divine, powerful spirit...Hitomi was already plenty strong with her Second Sight; makes me wonder if this is why Lucem chose her. But he's an all powerful angel, if not Archangel; what would something like a human's third eye opening matter to it?

Hitomi would become a demigod, if not having the full on power of an angel. But what would the price be for that? Van has a point. She might well be struck by lightning for all that deal may be worth.

When Semele asked Zeus to see him in his true form, she turned into a crisp. Mortals cannot take the sight of a truly divine being. Hitomi herself could not see Lucem, only sense, and even then, he probably managed his form into something more favorable to her and one that did not harm her.

Then again, Hitomi isn't a normal Seer, either, is she?

Anyways, I can't wait to read more.
3/9 c26 Red Wings
Yes, finally! Van and Hitomi have confessed to each other. They deserve to know each other's true feelings.

All that needs doing once Van gets back to the castle is to write off those royal leeches wanting him to marry one of their princesses/noble ladies. What Van can do is employ Merle to scare them off (some of them, anyways), meet with Eries and get her in on the game plan, and then talk to Arbane and whoever one of his generals to send them packing. There's too much going on in Gaea to worry about some political marriage anyways.

As for real life, I thought I found a good job, but it didn't work out. It's been a while since then, but I feel anxious when having to look at jobs again. It's ok, we're in this together! I wish you the best!
3/9 c25 Red Wings
That's right, Van, Merle deserves so much more than you've given her lately.

You know, I think that Princess Eries could probably choose her own destiny, if not a man. She's terribly shrewd; if only Folken had lived, I think they'd make a good couple. Somehow Arbane seems kind of ok, and Trigornia...hmm. Well, I'll just wait for the next chapter I see her.

Ruhm is a good listener.

Maybe in time, Merle will find a good partner. If Nariya and Eriya can look as good as they did, then Merle will have surpassed them both in the looks department.

Again, thank you for writing this epic!
3/9 c31 llodan
Just recently finished reading this story and can’t wait to someday read more!
3/9 c24 Red Wings
Yes, Van, you're finally growing up! You don't need to shoulder all of the world on your shoulders; that's why kings like you have generals and other useful people in your staff to support you. And duh, of course, you have a Seer for a future wife and queen. Why not? If Gaou can defy conventions of the day for Varie, why can't you?

It'll make me sad to reach the last chapter written here. But I'll save the rest for later this week. Thank you for this story! I hope all is well with you.
3/8 c23 Red Wings
Hurrah, they heroes did it! The demon is dead.

Poor Dane. He has to heal all the injured guys.

I forgot about Hitomi's magical, vampiric dagger. What kind of demonic presence resides within it? Interesting how she gets to talk to all these strange beings, mortal, demonic and divine. She truly is a Seer.

Van must keep her in his court, if only so that he can protect her and not have other nations trying to draw her in and use her.
3/8 c22 Red Wings
Uh oh. Gaddess, Ruhm and the others are in trouble.

How are they supposed to kill this thing with no supernatural help like what Hitomi had with Lucem?

I hope the good guys don't lose here...
3/8 c21 Red Wings
Oh Van, your generals and trusted court (Merle) pulled one over you, don't you know?

And dang, does Hitomi attract a lot of suitors! Now she has an angel that wants her (for its Avatar). At this rate, she'll be courted by Gods as well, heh. What will Van do?

Can't wait for another reunion and for Van to be a man and apologize to Hitomi. Saving her from Shadow would help, too.
3/8 c20 Red Wings
Finally, Van's back to himself! Thank goodness for Gaou-sama; I thought Queen Varie or even Folken would have to visit Van and talk some sense into him.

Van and Hitomi have both suffered, trying to get on with their lives on their respective planets. They've tried locking away their feelings for each other, their longing, their missing each other...good thing they're soulmates. This freeze they have on their relationship is bound to thaw. I'm just glad that Hitomi is the level-headed one here. At least she's not the mopey, weak woman who's constantly pleading her male lover for something. I like how the writers of Escaflowne made her character - she's this incredible athlete with the paranormal ability of the second sight, she's intelligent, perceptive, generous, kind, but not without her own insecurities and anxiety. She isn't a beauty, but her inner strength trumps all that, even her second sight.

Once these two get back together and share how they've both tried to deny each other themselves, well...goodbye harem ladies. They never stood a chance anyways.

Anyways, Hitomi has a job to do, running this little shadow plot to save Van. Even if she didn't love him romantically, she'd still save him. That's how good a person she is.

Once Gaddess tells Allen that she's back in Gaea, I wonder if the love triangle will reset...

Thank you for this lovely chapter! I'm having fun reading each one.
3/8 c19 Red Wings
Hah, Hitomi will be Queen of Fanelia sooner than Van realizes! His trusted generals and Merle are on her side.

Yeah, Van, you are a fool. I hope your plan works in spite of how badly you've ruptured your relationships with the two people you love most.

This is getting really exciting! After I get to the last chapter of this fic (and I hope you plan to continue this series), it will be hard to find other Escaflowne stories with quality such as yours. Thank you for all the great characters and well-written OCs. I can't wait to read more later.
3/8 c18 Red Wings
Poor Hitomi's mother. Poor Hitomi's family. I wonder if they'll be kept waiting until they grow old and they die. Hitomi ain't coming back.

Unless, Hitomi returns somehow after her grand adventure...

I hope that Aldric took care of those scummy noblemen. I don't care if they're part of some royal entourage. Van as king should mete at justice for such assaults in his city. Like Merle pointed out, his "harem" is quite ridiculous, and it demeans him, the women, and his country. Van needs to get rid of them. Hell, even get Princess Eries to discipline them!

At least, have Princess Eries married off to a good guy, and not any of the unworthy ones.

Thanks for another chapter!
3/8 c17 Red Wings
Ooof, Hitomi, that was stupid, getting separated from Aldric and getting almost raped from those terrible noblemen. Good thing Merle was there with Aldric. If Van or Allen were to get wind of this, oof, that nobleman is dead, and so are his gang of lowlifes.

You have a talent for writing. Please keep up this great epic! I see that it hasn't been updated for quite some time. I hope you are well.
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