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7/9 c19 37Mako-clb
I never knew H.M., but if the effort you put into this chapter is any indication of how much you cared, than H.M. must have been an amazing person.
7/8 c13 Mako-clb
Oh no. Honestly, what is wrong with Van. He could have at least not treated Hitomi like a criminal. I can't wait to see what happens next.
7/8 c5 Mako-clb
Oh, now things are really going to start. And how will Hitomi's family react to this new development?
7/8 c3 Mako-clb
Well, that was a sad but interesting development with Yukari. I was happy to see them stay friends given Hitomi's problems, but I wonder if this will be one tie to many to this world broken. And I'm really curious as to what was causing the distance between Hitomi and Van.
5/8 c1 Nimouway
take your time We'll be patiently waiting
5/5 c31 nikkininecou
Hello! Ive been a fan of escaglowne for many years. Recently, given the circumstances, my nostalgic thoughts escape to the fantasy world of Gaea that ive since held near and dear to my heart. That being said, your story has truly transported me back as a fly on the wall, witnessing the lives of the amazing characters which you were able to resuscitate perfectly. It took me a day and a half, and here i am, reaching the dead-end which I hope will be temporary. I signed up and clicked on the favorite and follow future chapters, which despite "the beast", I hope will not cease until its finale.
You have my encouragement and well wishes during these trying time. Stay safe!
4/13 c31 13serenityrain2233
I was so hoping for an update
4/9 c31 thepinkmartini
Will patiently await your return to writing. All the best!
2/22 c30 Saiiwa
Cant wait to see how it's going to unfold from here. So happy for the update Thanks! please dont stop writing or I might cry I really like this story and how well you've written the characters
2/20 c30 thepinkmartini
Thank you for the update! Good to see Allen in this one.
2/17 c30 serenityrain2233
Can't wait for the next chapter
2/16 c30 2fire-lemur
A lovely couple of chapters to finally catch up with! Despite roughness here and there, the structure kept the narrative moving along at an engaging clip, and I'm of course left wanting more. I'm reeeeaaaally looking forward to what sort of complicated situations "Harriet" will find herself in, particularly any involving our beloved Dragon King! 3 I'm also curious if Aldric will prove to be a compelling challenger for her affections. He's certainly been plenty enjoyable and appealing up till now, but the poor guy doesn't stand a chance, haha. The stage is set for an engaging new arc! On to palace intrigue and finding the murderer!
2/16 c30 Nimouway
Wow that was really fast with the new chapter!
Uh Aldric is finally making a move and poor Hitomi seemed to be quite overwhelmed. I'm very curious to see how Van will react to this "new competition" who helds so much similarities to him. And what happens when Hitomi can confess to him. And how the whole situation with the demons and plague will turn out especially given the thick tension between the countries which seems unbreakable...
This chapter was again a very good read and much enjoyed! Looking forward to your next part.️
12/30/2019 c29 thepinkmartini
Lovely update! I think Van's section was nicely written. Very in character of him. Also, loved the banter between the two melef pilots. That part was a joy to read.
12/13/2019 c29 Saiiwa
congrats on your nuptials! so happy for you, although you were killing me with this update. JK your life comes first. As always cant wait until the next chapter and I'm interested in how all of the relationships will turn out
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