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11/4 c46 Paul Reverend
this should be continued. Admiral greenbull and fujitora must be seen
11/3 c40 Paul Reverend
you should've made the enel fight longer to show luffy the extent of what he could do now that enels powers are his tou use.

He is practically invincible now in the blue sea and his observation haki is bigger than base enels without the df considering he is climbing in stats with each fight he gets in like armament, conq, and observation and that he would never need the ark Maxim for the thunderclouds.

and that with electricity, he can literally unleash his form similar to that of sengokus form, bb is gonna be for a rude when fighting sengoku and luffy.
11/1 c37 6Savior16
at this point, at his purest kizaru can tag him, kiji and kainu are fodder considering lightning is superior to there elements, even the heat of magma is useless against him now.

Even his obervation is heightened that he could literally hear everyone like superman but on a smaller scale just from the scale of skypiea, which is in the range of 5000 to 7000 if comparing the white sea to the white white sea but now here with him having haki and near advance, he could amplify that power to its fullest.

ark maxim be damned, the blue sea has thunderclouds, he could literally make raigos as much as he wants now along with enels more powerful abilities, jumping his voltage from 200 mil to whatever voltage as long as he stays alive, terrawatts I could see as another hurdle but quite powerful.

and unlike enel, he is durable which is good.
10/31 c41 Savior16
luffy with enels fruit is gonna be insane. He wouldn't need maxim for the thunderclouds as the blue sea already has that, and with it, he can now literally spam raigo whatever and whenever he wants and the other destructive abilities enel showed.

considering that this luffy has mastered haki as well, forget enels range of skypiea, now its gonna be more with luffy now and the more he trains, he can become a yonko level in just two years like in canon
10/22 c11 5PoofyOhio
Idk, I ain’t really feeling this; even after eleven chapters. It feels kinda boring, might give it another shot in the future.
10/14 c17 4Mitakebiggestfan
I think Luffy might get Ace's devil fruit if the author does decided to kill Ace.
10/12 c47 bigbadpeter91
very good
10/10 c33 6Savior16
man, this story just oulked my rug and hut me with a dustbin. yiu really made cypher pol look good that they made a a rear fucking admiral like luffy a vriminak hahaahahahahah
10/10 c28 Savior16
luffy with the ark maxim makes him a literal god to anyone hahahahahaha and would no doubt said cruiser be pursued for its technological significance.
10/10 c34 Savior16
oh man, I just want kuffy to raigo there ass to hell and back
10/10 c27 Savior16
damn, now that I think about it more, shandians and the sky people will now be access by the marines and the world government itself. but then qgain, garp and others can still keep it sevret and would be hard to be believed upon.
9/9 c29 12ideal man
hmmm it's debatable but something tells me that if aokiji was series boa would be able to land a single hand on him she's strong but she's not admiral level strong
9/6 c6 ideal man
not really sure romance fits Luffy s character
6/24 c47 Red phinex
I can't wait see more chapters because they are the best
5/20 c22 2000str
this luffy is severely nerfed in every scenario author fiind a way to make luffy inefective
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