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9/9/2023 c29 13ideal man
hmmm it's debatable but something tells me that if aokiji was series boa would be able to land a single hand on him she's strong but she's not admiral level strong
9/6/2023 c6 ideal man
not really sure romance fits Luffy s character
6/24/2023 c47 Red phinex
I can't wait see more chapters because they are the best
5/20/2023 c22 2000str
this luffy is severely nerfed in every scenario author fiind a way to make luffy inefective
5/19/2023 c8 2000str
luffy in this fanfic is aiding criminals for no good reason, this luffy is a double agent!
5/19/2023 c7 2000str
ch 7 so a pirate shot's a bullet at luffys head but he belives hes not all bad... author making luffy a hypocrite for no reason beside repeating cannon
4/12/2023 c47 36Warmachine375
Will we get to see Vice-Admiral Luffy meet the members of SWORD? Those guys are outside the chain of command in the Marines like the Straw Hat Marine Unit in this story and he can get along with them.

Especially Kujaku, the granddaughter of Tsuru and user of the Whip-Whip Fruit. And also Koby who would eventually rise up the rank and join SWORD as well.

Oh and X Drake too since he's an undercover Marine when infiltrating the world of pirates as one of the Supernovas.
3/16/2023 c13 Guest
This is literally just Canon with no changes. The only change is they're all "marines". There's no point in readying this.
3/13/2023 c47 1Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime
now that is a SUUUUPEEEER update for SUUUUPEEEER story! I love it
2/10/2023 c7 Yes
Yes very good love it
1/8/2023 c8 Jose Ivan
Solo es una copia de la serie original y se olvidan de luffy en todo el capitulo. Cual es el punto de volver a luffy super op si lo dejan de lado en todo el capitulo con su fuerza nada de lo que pasa en el capítulo susederia
1/8/2023 c8 Jose Ivan
Primer capítulo basura
1/5/2023 c47 MCTiin Reddit
When? It's 2023 now! Can't wait for the next chapter!
12/17/2022 c10 Issac dick
12/8/2022 c46 Guest
Blocked huh...
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