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for Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

2/11/2019 c1 SophiaStones123
Ok...ok. Pretty cool start.

However, if the large paragraph can be divided into several smaller paragraphs, that would be great. It would be easier to read and it does make the story look organised.

Just a small piece of tip up there! :D
8/13/2016 c10 2jayswing96
Nice! Loved it~! :) Can't wait for the next in the series. (My favorite is going to be Escape From Ravenhearst. That messed up marriage!) Can't wait for Josephine to learn about Alistair. (That bastard...)
2/7/2016 c7 Guest
You can do the madame fate one please
2/5/2016 c7 Guest
Oh no the detective is in trouble but it is a great story
2/3/2016 c7 Guest
can you please make the madame fate one but it okay if need time
2/2/2016 c7 Guest
i hope you add the madame fate one or the fate's carnival
2/2/2016 c7 Guest
can you please make a madame fate and fate's carnival one please
1/29/2016 c7 jayswing96
Oh sh!t. Josephine is f*cked.
1/29/2016 c6 Guest
I love this can you pls make a madame fate one
1/27/2016 c3 jayswing96
Neat story! Can't wait for more! Wonder how Charles feels about the Master Detextive now? (I'm also seriously considering on how his feelings went from "get rid of her" to " I'm going force her to stay with me and me family forever".)
10/18/2015 c5 Guest
This story is good

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