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10/27 c1 3doubledamn
Very good so far, and I am VERY curious as to what the Master/Servant Dream Cycle would mean for a Master when their Servant has memories of Waking Nightmares, of Dreams that are all to *real*.
9/22 c2 Guest
Awesome story keep up the good work
6/26 c2 ElDragonRojoX
Hunter could use a false identity to throw off people like Kirei, a name I suggest could be Samiel aka The Black Huntsman, a demon from German folk legend and a character from the opera Der Freischütz (The Marksman) i am also on the fence on including more BloodBorne characters
6/9 c2 4Sytry's-cauldron
I'm loving this my dude, can't wait to read more!
4/15 c1 Abrams 1559
Please tell me the hunter is a great old one. That would make the story so interesting.
3/29 c2 daggercloak000
Hmm intriguing..
3/17 c2 ehbon172
Eh... I don’t know if I’m enjoying this. The writing quality is decent enough, despite the occasional confusing spelling or grammar error, but I’m just not all too taken with the author’s many OCs. The main character girl is nothing at all like a mage, despite supposedly having a mage background and a brother in the Clocktower of all places, and is so naive it’s like reading of a female Shirou as of now. I do hope she recognizes that trying to save all of the Masters and preventing her servant from doing his damn job is plain idiocy. Every Master save Shirou would slaughter her without question if it meant winning the grail, treating them as friends after only meeting them a single time in a fight to the death is just facepalm worthy. At least Shirou has an interesting backstory that sort-of validates his naive protagonist schtick, Tsukiko has no backstory to speak of so far other than being a mage that in no way behaves like a mage. I’m betting that the reason she was sent away and isn’t at the clocktower with her brother isn’t because she has no talent, it’s because she would be chewed up and spit out at the clocktower and her parents are trying to shelter her from the reality of life as a mage family.
3/5 c2 ShittyWriting
...Damn. This was a surprise to see again.

Almost five years. Wow.

Not that I'm complaining. Far from it. Keep up the good work.
2/28 c2 4doomqwer
holy shit it actually updated 5 years and it finally return so congrats i truly enjoy this story
2/28 c2 4Farmer Kyle
Wowzers, I forgot this story existed! But thank you for reminding me, and for the update! You weave an interesting tale, and I'm curious to see where it goes. Thanks again for your work!
2/27 c2 Matemeo3
Well, shit
2/27 c2 Ascandas
And the 9th servant has arrived, this is going to escalate, the only thing I want is to see the holy moonlight sword and I’ll be jolly.
2/27 c2 DareusX
So far, seems interesting.
2/26 c2 Guest
Jesus I’m dumb I read the whole first chapter thinking this was a new bb crossover just to be overcome with deja vu of the maximum degree I thought I was going insane then I saw the author name and it clicked and I was like ooooooooohhhhhhh XD, at least I caught myself up hehe but it was a nice second chapter overall glad to see you back
2/26 c2 A Whimsical Seishin
Other hunters, that's going to mess with so many people.
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