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for A New Rise: Book 3: Misty Peace

4/21/2021 c12 Ravenwing


Lightwing: what's going on?

Me: Sootstar-

Sootstar: heh heh NOTHING

Lightwing: uh okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
4/21/2021 c1 Ravenwing
Adderpaw is definitely in this
12/17/2017 c1 catlover
I like it a lot I hope you continue the book.
6/27/2017 c21 Nightshadow
Amazing story! Loved reading the Misty series :)
6/29/2016 c21 3Sunny211
That was a nice book
3/3/2016 c21 4Shadows Of Weeping Wolves
This is one bittersweet moment. I remember finding Misty Horizon and getting hooked to it. I waited everyday, checking every few hours. When a new chapter was posted I would find a comfortable position, a meal, and read. I thought about you and this series at school, at night, in dreams, when I write... When I was having a bad day I would go back and re read some of the chapters. If this was a published series, I would have bought all the books by now. I tell warriors fans about it when I get the chance. It's just too good of a story to pass up. And is definitely my favorite series. Ever.
As I got closer to the end, I read slower and slower. I can't bear leaving the characters you've made behind. I have to tell myself that I can always revisit this.
Your writing over time has improved too much! It took me an hour to read this. (With emotional breaks, and slowing down.) I can't believe I'm crying over leaving this story. I got so attached to your characters, the plot, and the style.
Anyways, I wanted to congratulate and thank you. You're really talented and have a gripping story right here. If only you could publish it...
I've had a great time reading this and reviewing. Thank you for this opportunity. Your amazing!
~Shadows of Weeping Wolves
2/29/2016 c21 7InkblotLeaf
-hugs- Aw, I'm so proud of you for finishing! Gosh, I'd pretty much forgotten that you'd PMed me, it feels so long ago now!
Aw, I must admit I feel bad for never really finishing reading your amazing series, I certainly need to get around to it at some point (perhaps when my exams are all over in the summer). Congrats on finishing! Gosh, it's making me think about when I finish Blue Moon now! It must be so bizarre to have finished it at last! Once again, well done! And I shall certainly be looking out for more of your work! -nervous laughter- I really should read this first though. xD

Leafy x
2/28/2016 c21 1ShadowHawk540-2
Aww, thank you for such an awesome story, and for being such an awesome person! This was one of the first stories I found on FanFiction, and after that, I knew I wanted to stay, so once again, thank you Snowy, I'll be eagerly awaiting the first chapter of Take Flight, see ya soon!
2/28/2016 c21 RANDOM PERSON
Nice ending! I thought that Cindy was going to end up with kits, I was a little surprised that she didn't end up with Foxtooth. But then again, we don't need more pregnant queens.

Maybe you could post a final allegiances with all of the updated information?
2/28/2016 c21 ilovewarriorcats
The series was very nice. I loved how you included the thing about it becoming new-leaf in the end. It had good plot twists, as well as interesting characters.

I've decided that when I review for your new series, I will change my name. Instead of being ilovewarriorcats, I will be jaywingwarrior. Or ilovecheese. Nah, those all sound so cheesy XD. I'll think of something.

See you next book!
2/28/2016 c7 Auro Gayatri
2/28/2016 c2 Auro Gayatri
I have no idea who Ashthorn is
2/28/2016 c21 7Willowdream of ForestClan
Lovely ending! I'm still planning on doing fanart, just might take me a month or so... Haha! So good to see how each of the siblings are recoving after the fight, and amazing to know how I learned about this story! Just goes to show the importance of reviewing!
2/28/2016 c21 3SouHiyori
*Hugs back* To be honest your stories are really good and i love them, I can't wait for Take Flight. Now about this chapter... it was really cute, i'm sure that Sootstar and Rainstar will be good fathers, too bad that Cinderstar won't have kits.
2/27/2016 c21 13Eradrin
Oh. My. Gosh.

I am literally tearing up.

This has been one of my favorites stories I've read, and now I don't know what to do with my life now that it's over. You're also one of my favorite authors on this website, so I'm really excited for your next story!

I'm so sorry that I didn't review the last few chapters!

So in the battle, I was more than pleased with the awesome plot twists! I was always annoyed by Ashthorn, and I feel a little relieved that he's gone. As for Dawnshine, I was really sad that she kind of went crazy... I think the others deserved it. So yeah.

I'm so proud of Rainstar! He's all grown up! :3 I'm going to give him a big hug. *hug* and I'm glad Sootstar is back to normal! I've always liked him. Just not when he was accusing the clans. And I was shocked when Foxtooth died. He was one of my favorites, and I am really sad. Although I should have seen it coming XD

I love the epilogue too! Rainstar has his own kits :3 and he named one of them after Silverdapple! :DDDD

And the trio will go down in hiiiiiiiistoooooooryyyyyy!


Thank you for being an awesome writer, inspiring me and so many people, and sticking with your stories. I get how hard it is with a busy schedule, and I am beyond impressed that you can do this with little time and make it enjoyable, detailed, and suspenseful. I have loved the Misty series :3

Have a wonderful day, and God bless! :D
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