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12/28/2020 c49 Guest
Fuck it’s really annoying. I have to use my school laptop for this and for some reason I can’t access the last 2chapters. I love love love this fic tho.
11/20/2020 c2 Dhaniel Grayson
Count me in... Me...
7/20/2020 c51 5Half-BloodPrincess68
this is one of the best fanfics i've read in a while
It makes me feel so many emotions lol, can't wait for the next chapter
6/30/2020 c51 Jbeanz950
Oh how I love this story! You're an incredible writer. The suspense kills me lol
6/14/2020 c39 Guest
Oh mi gwad it is the year 2020... Wtf draco r u psychic OO
6/9/2020 c18 Esme wyn
Gamp's law of elemental transfiguration lost its footing here.. Food cannot be conjured or transfigured or accioed as it is one of 5 exceptions of Gamp's law ... it's going smooth tho.. hope I can handle so much slow burn..
6/8/2020 c8 Esme wyn
it's Prefect, darling...
6/8/2020 c51 2Vinetta-Venture
Omg! I flippen love this story and was so pleasantly surprised to find it had been updated since last I checked! I cant wait to see what you have in store for my favorite boys!
6/5/2020 c51 49mykkila09
Sorry it took so long. But it was so worth it to finally read. I am so looking forward to two things, well three. Draco's lessons with Fleur, Snape’s reaction to what he and Harry did, and best of all, the trial and Umbridge facing the Malfoy family, let alone Draco
6/4/2020 c51 12SensiblyTainted
Hello! I am so sorry I am late to this masterpiece! I would say more, but I’m dying to read the chapter, so here I go! XD

I am breathless! Your imagery is always poetic and almost alive, but you really outdid yourself with Draco’s dream. You invoke sensations with your words as much as images. I felt like I was in a smothering cloud as I read and then the introduction of such a sharp contrast of the ruby red blood, the way you described it beaded and rolling down a white canvas… OMG! That’s like…. magic…. I swear… I could feel it in the gut!

My heart twisted… “A wounded bird on the brink of agony”…. I hope Harry can help him!

My eyes actually teared up when Harry said “I’m here”….

“I’m dead”… LOL! You have perfect timing with humor… I don’t know how you do it. The humor doesn’t take away from the weight of the moment at all, but it makes the story so much more human!

Harry’s compliment of Draco being the prettiest corpse is true of course, but I also think it’s hilarious that Harry knows how to “manage” Draco. Preen his metaphorical feathers and it always puts Draco in a better mood! LOL!

AWWWW! You are KILLING me here! I am just a melted puddle of goo with the Hissing Salute! I am also laughing my ass off! Harry really is a genius at managing Draco - a dash of humor and something so intimate and personal between them, stopping the downward spiral and leveling things out. I ADORE YOU, HARRY! You are the BEST boyfriend EVER!

Fans self… Wow… very sexy shower scene…. I love how it flowed back and forth between them, the dominance and the give and take… it made it so much more impactful. You put just enough detail and leave just enough to imagination. My favorite part was Draco’s commanding “suck” holy shit that struck me to the core, and Harry’s challenging lustful eyes as he did more than just suck, he took them as far as he could, even gagging himself…. The way they egg each other on is just hot as fuck! But it was also really romantic… Draco’s “Don’t ever stop looking at me that way” it’s so sweet that the heart just bursts!

I love that Draco and Harry have a conference of a sort, talking about damage control and evaluating the situation. It really shows they are partners as well as romantic. I ADORE that teamwork! Thank you!

HAHAHA! Of course Sirius has to tease them about what happened! He’s Sirius! XD

Narcissa is so badass. I love the way you write her. I was a little disappointed however that we didn’t get any solid statement of exactly what Lucius has done. I mean, it’s all insinuated still. Did he help kill James and Lily? How so? To what extent? Was he physically there? Was he just passing information? Is he truly committed to killing Harry? And what the heck happened with Reggie?

I am on the EDGE OF MY FREAKING SEAT WITH THAT HOWLER! I hate that Harry’s being threatened with legal stuff by the corrupt ministry, but it makes perfect sense that this would be the case. It always felt off that Harry didn’t get reprimanded more for almost killing a student at Hogwarts. Good thing he has the weight of the Malfoy name to back him up…. I can’t remember… Was Sirius cleared? If so, the Black name as well has to help…. Or it could hurt since both names were related to Dark Magic…. Oh dear!…. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! I can totally see Draco doing a prison break and fleeing with Harry to some exotic beach. :P
5/31/2020 c51 Craz-ee123
Came back to this story after a long time and fell in love with it again! The story was so sweet and innocent before but now we have so much delicious development~! It’s incredible to think the story is already 51 chapters long.

I’ve squealed over so many parts of this story, but I think I have two favorite scenes. My first is when Harry is just about to leave for the third task, that beautiful calm before the storm was incredible. My second favorite is when, over the summer, Draco comes to accept his situation and asks if Veela are strong. Ooof I love how honest and brave these boys are getting after they’ve flitted around each other for so long. I also listened to the Coventry carol song from the malfoys’ Christmas ball and I think it was a gorgeous pick! So glad it was introduced to me

I’m looking forward to how this gorgeous plot continues to unravel! Thanks so much for the hard work and stay safe
5/16/2020 c51 230SasuNarufan13
I can't help but think Fleur's annoying in this chapter. I mean, I sort of get where she's coming from, but she went about it in a rather obnoxious way considering Draco was basically just getting his bearings back.

I didn't expect the steamy scene but I'm not complaining LOL The ending was very interesting, though. I kind of had forgotten Umbridge existed XD So this was a nice reminder of her LMAO
I mean, it's awful for Harry, of course, but thanks for reminding she's still in the story too :P It's going to be interesting to see that particular court meeting play out.
5/14/2020 c51 mackenzie6426
Such a great story. Really excited to get further into it.
5/13/2020 c51 3GuiltyMind
I SCREAMED when I saw you had updated and I was not disappointed; another brilliant chapter!
5/13/2020 c51 36AliceCullen3
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