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for Loyalties

8/13/2015 c5 7MistandShadow3019
A wonderful ending to a brilliant fic. The conversation between Legolas and his father at the end was heart warming, and with every fic and chapter my love of Saeldur grows. I cannot wait for the other entries, and hope desperately that you ended up writing the Teitho fic you mentioned and that it shall be published! ;) :)
8/3/2015 c5 Moru
I always love your stories. Your characterization is brilliant and the character's voices and that elven humor is hilarious.

That being said, I feel like your pacing is getting too slow. Looking back on what happened, Legolas got hurt, the elves fought in court and Saeldor ( sorry, I don't remember the spelling and I'm on mobile) is pretending to be on Miron's side. This is essentially no different from the past story. There was some advancement in plot but I wonder if it couldn't have been covered with whatever next story you have. To be honest it feels a bit... Weak? For the lack of a better word for it to stand alone.

However, you're the writer and only you know how the next story is going to go. I'm sure you have your own reasons for doing this. Just thought I'd give you my two cents, but feel free to ignore it :) thank you for the wonderful story as always.
8/3/2015 c5 SnidgetHex
Curious for the follow-up tales! I really like this story with these characters :)
8/2/2015 c5 7L.A.H.H
Fantastic chapter. Fascinated to see where this goes. Thanks for updating
8/2/2015 c5 earthdragon
Very good story and beautifully written, as always. I think Saeldur is now over his head in the skulduggery that is going on. He is a good warrior but his political skills are sadly lacking - he showed that when he lost that argument with the wily Calathiel. Very interesting that Calathiel now wants to be an archer. At least her wings have been clipped for the time being, as she will need several years of training before being eligible to serve - and only then if she can prove she can obey orders. Saeldur now really needs to speak to Thranduil and tell him what is going on - and that one or more of the Healers have been corrupted, as Thranduil is the best person to take on the likes of Miron. Certainly Saeldur needs to heed his parents' advice, before he finds himself accused of treason - and he would have difficulty proving his innocence. At least Legolas will be safe in Imladris.

Looking forward to more stories in this series.
8/1/2015 c5 30Nako13yeh
I love the moment with Thranduil... *sniffs and sobs* Omg... can you make more of those moments... sweet moments... it gives my heart extra juice to keep going... it's so sweet i'm getting sugar rush... hahhaha... it seriously brightened up my day seeing you post a new chapter. Ohh.. I wish i hadn't caught up with your story so quickly... the waiting is painful. xD

But ohmygosh I'm really excited for what Miron, Arahael and Saeldur have to do. Please please... i really hope you update soon. I'm so curious what you plan to do with those two orc-elves. Your Oc's are brilliant. (just wanted to let you know that) XD And sorry for the long review... gosh, I felt like I needed to let this out and for you to have a giant review to read about. :3 Good Luck! I totally look forward to your amazing story!
8/1/2015 c5 1bettsam0731
Good! Can't wait for the next part!
8/1/2015 c5 Melethril
Once again too lazy/busy to sign in.

I loved the story. Wonderful pacing, great characters and throughout excellent writing as always. I am glad the whole Calathiel/Thorontur affair is over, but there is much foreboding at the end of this. I do wonder of course what your next installment will be.

Hope to read from you again soon.

Thanks and best
8/1/2015 c5 Guest
Very good, very interesting and equally exciting. I am very curious about what will happen next, if Legolas goes to Imladris and what happens after that... Please continue soon :)
8/1/2015 c5 kimberly kim
It's always a pleasure to see a notification of one of your stories in my email! Loved it like always :)))
8/1/2015 c5 Guest
Another fascinating chapter though so many issues still unresolved. Wonder how the headstrong Calathiel will react. And what's going to happen with Saeldur?! Makes me long for more! Pls don't stop! :)

- Lelaina
8/1/2015 c5 7Lynn-G
This was over way too quickly.

I really hope Saeldur gets to push Arahel off a cliff or a dagger to the throat (I know you said heart but I really hate that elf)

Lovely ending,

I do hope to read more soon :)

7/30/2015 c4 18BarbaraKaterina
I swear, if his blades are sharpened again, I'm going to be extremely cross!
Also, I really don't want the courageous healer to be the conspirator. Tell me she's not, please! Maybe they just convinced her it would lend weight to her argument or something...?
Great story, though I have to say that if I was Legolas' personal guard I would have murdered the main conspirator already. Good of the realm and all that.
7/23/2015 c4 Lily465
Another great chapter- while I don't want this fic to end, I cannot wait for the next chapter!
7/23/2015 c4 7MistandShadow3019
Another stunningly brilliant chapter! This chapter had so many fascinating conversations in it, ones that added a new depth to the characters (particularly your staggering OCs, who I continue to love to the point of it being vaguely unhealthy, and be far too invested in ;) and were just riveting and a pleasure to read! I can't wait to see the reaction from everyone once the decision is announced, and am just super excited for more! Please update soon! :D
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