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for Loyalties

6/19/2015 c1 Guest
Good keep going
6/19/2015 c1 Guest
Very intriguing. Love this series and so glad you are continuing! *Happy jig!*

6/19/2015 c1 Kitty037
I am so glad you are continuing this story. I love these characters. The story is great and I appreciate your efforts.
6/19/2015 c1 42Shirerose
Wonderful! I have been waiting for this.

Saeldur's spying is still throwing me for a loop. Excellent job in leaving how much Miron actually knows or trusts in him vague and shadowy. And of course he is leaving himself wide open to being implicated.

And Legolas /is/ right about the archers, none of them would willing hurt him. Miron is a great villain.

Looking forward to more (as always).

Shire Rose
6/19/2015 c1 Kimmy
Loved it :)))(
6/19/2015 c1 7Lusse Eldalion
Yay! Cheer and sing with me, for Jedi Sapphire is back! With a great and promising story!
It really looks promising. Legolas is always trying to think best of everyone , even if they had stabbed him ;) I love Saeldur and Voronwe and Eredhion's worry. I love how they aren't afraid of disobeying Legolas if that means they will keep him safe. And, of course, Lord Thorontur love for the Prince is heart warming. Please update soon!
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