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8/19 c6 12Ghost in the Machine
Bearer bonds. They are a type of bond that whoever has them can cash them in, no questions asked. Sorry, it was bothering me. Another thing was we’re you had ‘gasoline’ instead of ‘gas line’.

If I wasn’t enjoying the story, I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but I prefer good stories to have the best execution possible.
8/15 c14 MarJan53
nNealand Eliot are two of my favorite characters there is always a relationship between them sometimes including slash but I prefer them heterosexual and involved in con
3/24 c14 60KeJae
Aww, Peter is going nuts worrying about his friend :) Then they get the clue and everything just kind of falls together resolving the case and returning his friends. That's a good way to end it for Elliot since the team is still working with him and they can take a better approach to ultimately taking Damian down. This story has been a long time in progress and congratulations on wrapping it up!
3/24 c13 KeJae
Hmm, Kate being the daughter of Moreau is a new idea and an interesting crossover. It would also mean that Adler should watch out since that would also put him in the crosshairs as the one who killed her. However, Neal is still in the line of fire so he'll be happy when the Leverage crew takes Moreau down. Plus, his 'shenanigans' could be easier when he can call on them for assistance ;)
3/24 c12 KeJae
Huh, that's an interesting crossover point and one that I haven't seen before. Elliot isn't much of a hugger, but Neal is the type of criminal he'd connect to since he likes his team so well and Neal gets along swell with them. Diana likes to give Neal a hard time, but she does like him and Mozzie more than she'd like to admit :)
3/13 c13 7Don1st
Nice ending, I have always preferred stories that tie up loose ends but still leave potential for a spin-off story.
3/6 c12 Wilivtul
All I ask is keep going with the story, please.
3/3 c11 60KeJae
Ha, yeah, Neal would manage to find Lucy instead of the FBI van ;) At least he knows that Sara isn't dead, she knows who he is, and he has some kind of history with the Leverage crew so he won't get into or cause trouble. However, they're really worrying Peter ;)
3/3 c10 KeJae
Wow, Neal is actually harder to picture with rocker style clothing and green highlights :) Although, the Caffrey Conversation series does depict him as a rocker, so that helps span the difference. The FBI is usually depicted as not having as advanced technology as the really good hackers, Hardison especially tends to dance circles around them, even if he only just manages to dance out of sight in the knick of time :P
3/3 c9 KeJae
That's certainly not a typical look for Sara, but I'm sure she figured out a way to pull it off :) The Leverage crew tends to take good care of those that they help so I'm sure they have something in store for providing her living arrangements and such. Also, Peter and the team will probably help once they know that she's not dead ;) In the meanwhile though, Peter might appreciate moving puzzle pieces and figuring out the mystery, but it's not as pleasant when it's the life of an associate/friend that's caught in the middle.
2/27 c11 Wilivtul
Oh good now the team has more help in the kinda way they need and Neal at least knows she is okay
2/27 c11 7Don1st
Did Neil choose non-violence after he worked with Elliot. Or does this date back to before they were criminals.
1/28 c8 Wilivtul
Please continue the story
1/17/2021 c8 Guest
Can't wait for the next update!
1/15/2021 c8 60KeJae
Ha-ha, yeah, there would probably be a reaction in the criminal underground... Leverage has developed a reputation for taking their target down and anyone who gets in their way in the process. I think they had a mean reputation per some episode or another of the show. Peter would not appreciate Leverage coming in and making a mess of their case. However, I think they'll appreciate Leverage protecting Sara and helping them catch their suspects. Maybe they'll fall into the class of law enforcement that learns the gist of what Leverage does and will arrest them if necessary, but until they can legally do so, they're content to let them help the victims they can't.
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