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8/5 c24 3NaoSa
Loved this story!
7/11 c24 Guest
Ahhhhhh! (Sorry for reviewing twice in 1 day) I just re-read this and it’s sooo good! -Bri
7/11 c24 Guest
I am really sad that you are ending this story, as it is my favorite Fablehaven fanfic and I have spent hours laughing and reading this over and over again. However I understand that you aren’t inspired by this concept anymore, and I am happy that I have been able to read this. Thank you so much for sharing this story with everyone. I really appreciate it. -Guest:)
7/9 c16 PrincessAurora25
I want a chapter that Verl joins Facebook and says "I am here to please Kendra even if I have to dove into a chasm for her" and then Kendra tells him that if he go on a date with her he needs to go in a shark tank and then he can go to a bowling alley with her and he only comes back a few times
Thank you!-PrincessAurora25
7/9 c9 Catnip5678
I was wondering if there could be a chapter that Kendra and Bracken go on a date that Seth and Warren are stupid enough to infer with
Thank you!- Catnip5678
7/8 c23 KittyKatKat
You could do one with Verl, Kendra, Bracken and maybe others! I can totally see that happening. ;)
7/6 c19 Suckerforthus
Seth totally should’ve said and soon were probably gonna be having a princess bride! (Kendra and bracken joke)
7/2 c9 Catnip5678
I love the chapter on Gavin
5/26 c1 2JaylaLovesReading
All of these chapters made me laugh so hard! I love these! ️
5/15 c24 Guest
No it was so good but whatever is best for you
5/9 c24 Wolf Lover27
I am a little sad that u arnt continuing the story but I completely understand. Also the chapter was amazing. Stay Safe
5/8 c24 2Luna Tenebris
This was soo funny, I loved it, I patiently await the final chapter :)
5/8 c24 20Yakall
This was good as always! These stories were fun while they lasted. Can’t wait for your other stuff to come out as well! These are always so fun to read and it’s amazing how many different things you can come up with! Like seriously skills.
3/16 c5 2Luna Tenebris
This is absolutely hilarious, Would you mind adding in Mara more?
3/10 c23 Wolf Lover27
Hey u haven’t updated in a while. I really hope u didn’t discontinue this. Update soon
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