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for A World Within Music

12/21/2015 c7 Ryuakilover
This is nice fictions
I just seen this so I need to read this story from the first chapter to the latest
Nice plot actually but sometimes make me confused
The OOC's for all char's and the OC char not really bothering me but the story feels like they mixed up
The POV, the place, the times, is confusing
But I still hope to see the rest of the chapter in the future
9/5/2015 c6 JingleCatt
*excited FanGirl clap* Eeee~~~~~~ AWESOME. "Naughty things" Ohhh my goodness Allen X3
7/11/2015 c5 10inuyashamunkey
i think you're fine, you've actually been uploading a lot recently, go ahead and take a break, its no big deal
7/3/2015 c4 inuyashamunkey
i cant wait until you update next! i rlly lie this tory sso far
7/1/2015 c3 inuyashamunkey
i like thiis so ar, i cant wait until you continue it!
6/28/2015 c2 21darket15
I loved the dialogue between the band members, Kanda always being a hoot. There's a lot going on, but I liked the journal with the different POVs. I don't do POVs, but these seemed to fit for a journal form. Allen's attempted suicide was frightening and the twins have been through a very painful past.

I thought at first you wrote the lyrics yourself. Did you? Or are they both from "Magic Kaito", anyway, again very meaningful. Liked the ending to start a new life in American, ;D.
6/28/2015 c1 darket15
I didn't think the song sucked, it seemed to have meaning to Charity and Allen. I loved all the band members and thought the name was great. Kanda was being...Kanda; just like everyone knows him, hehe. I suspect the drunk on the other end of the phone was Cross and there had been some serious issues with the man for the twins. Allen's seems very subdued in the story definitely giving the feeling of loneliness as well as not measuring up to others. Keep up the writing

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