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8/31 c38 Swiftsinger1389
Id be happy to beta any of your storiesi really enjoy your work and anything i can do to help, im here for!
8/31 c32 Swiftsinger1389
Omg this was such a good chapter, i was tearing up! I cant wait to keep reading!
8/29 c16 Swiftsinger1389
OMG WHAT A TWIST AND ANOTHER TWIST! Youre auch a great author! I love your stories so much
1/4/2022 c1 JThawN
I am just on the 1st chapter. This story intrigued me! However you wrote one scene from 3 different POV's. I think that is a bit much and hopefully not a theme throughout. But I do like the characters so far and the story is something different! So I will read more lol.
11/1/2021 c38 meganefosso654
Ohh please continue to write this story is Soo good
9/19/2021 c38 Guest
still patiently awaiting updates to all of your Naruhina stories!
5/15/2021 c38 meganefosso4gma
Please continue is so nice
5/5/2021 c37 meganefosso4gma
Please continue
5/1/2021 c38 Guest
The story is really good . Please continued it!
4/7/2021 c2 8kou-mukumai3456
They are absolutely amazing and outstanding I love them
11/9/2020 c38 Guest
Just simply love your writing style, all your Naruhina stories, looking forward to your updates!
10/4/2020 c29 Bluewarrior3
Every time I have tried reading this story I end up not finishing it, only because I’ve been busy. Now I’m reading all of it and it’s just getting so good! I love the naruhina moments, and I love the plot to this story! I know it’s not finished yet, so I hope you update, I’m still reading tho!

Okay, also I don’t feel sorry for shion, yes she was manipulated by Danzo and has been abused by Toneri, but she hurt naruto, doesn’t like hinata for no reason, and she used Sakura(even tho I don’t like her either in here), she enjoyed seeing his pain and now that she got told the truth she acts like a crying bitch. She needs to move on and just stay away because she doesn’t deserve anyone’s acceptance.
8/28/2020 c1 Aria098
wait so is hinata and nsruto 16 right now or 18
8/26/2020 c38 cathyscloud9
Looking forward to seeing a new chapter hopefully soon
8/24/2020 c38 Angi sleeps
Thank you for telling us this.
I hope to read more from your stories :)
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