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9/12/2017 c22 ItsOnlyLuna
Ahhh soo good thanks for the update
9/11/2017 c21 kencalyx
more naruhina please
9/10/2017 c21 ItsOnlyLuna
Awe cute thanks for the update
9/10/2017 c21 gio08
I LIVEEEE. lol. I just got power back now. hopefully it lasts. Now to figure out how to get the tree out of my roof
9/10/2017 c21 11nightwind83
ya update, dont worry were willomg wait
9/10/2017 c21 Guest
Poor Hinata... (T︵T)
9/10/2017 c21 9NarHina
Loved it, now that they signed the contract Danzo's plans are going to be ruined, but I have a feeling that before they can make it official something is going to happen to Shika's dad and the contract I hope that isn't the case.

I can't wait for next chapter, now that we finally got another.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
9/10/2017 c21 saby22
yasss! finally an update!
8/31/2017 c21 Guest
One of the best naruhina fanfic i've ever read!
Please please please update soon..cant wait to see how the story goes!
Thank you~~
8/14/2017 c21 1AnonnymA
Just finished the most recent chapter. I'm quite enjoying your unique style of character and event telling! Great job.

Can't wait to see where you take it
7/29/2017 c2 9sd74
Okay... so far this doesn't follow the narutoverse-storyline. Does that include Root? Moon Eye Plan (lazy to look up *wink terrible
joke wink* the correct/jap name)? And Summons?

Random Note: Lucky that this story has no special powers like certain Mafia Anime. (So far I only know of 2 series).
5/30/2017 c21 ken
I love this story hard love... keep it coming
5/21/2017 c21 8OnGuard
I have been a fan of your stories for sometime. However, one of your stories that I only looked at the summery for got me to taking a look at all your stories and your bio. I almost decided to stop reading anything you write ever again when I read your , Hidan/Hinata? Do you just get a kick out of Hinata in pain? What possible reason would you have for that? There is no good reason for that pairing. Diedera/Hinata? W.T.F.? Finnaly, the one pairing I hate the most. Sasuke/Hinata. I have no respect for anyone who pairs these two together. There is absolutely no possible justification for this pairing, None! It's an insult to both characters. To be honest, pairing Hinata with anyone other than Naruto is an insult to her character. Now their your stories. Very well written stories at that. But reading what I've read today, I have lost a lot of respect for you.
1/9/2017 c20 2Alexia Colette
So far the use of vocabulary and proper punctuations are terrible but, the plot is great and the length of the chapters are great. Keep up the good work and notify your beta about these mistakes.
1/7/2017 c14 Alexia Colette
you have a bad habit of using the word 'admit' and 'y'know' repeatedly. it ruins the story's diction.
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