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3/29/2016 c14 3Hyuuga Hitomichan
Halfway through her discussion when i read 'colder than anyone' i knew...shion wud ve toneri's wife...now that i think abt it wud be interesting to read abt dat crack pair too...
3/29/2016 c14 Dark Phantomhive 722
Ahh this chapter was so good! OMG I can't believe Toneri's wife is Shion! I'm so happy Hinata realized her feelings for Naruto! I'm looking forward till when he confesses as well! I can't wait till the next chapter
3/29/2016 c14 jenuzumaki
Finally, please update soon :)
3/29/2016 c14 anne12fink
Please care to update soon or i think ill gonna die falling in that cliffhanger of yours. :)
3/29/2016 c14 twiluvergaga
Ugh I can't wait for the next chapter, when will you update ?
3/29/2016 c14 5Rose Tiger
Toneri and Shion? Hell no!
3/29/2016 c14 jztkn11
Hi thanks for the update your story is really good I'm really looking forward to it every time, but I have a suggestion about naruto's character uhm will make him stay tough like the 1-3 chapters I mean I really like it when his dark side shows sometimes & it's really cool so pls don't make his character soft pls hehe like uhm..yah he really likes hinata & sometimes he just do what he does even he felt sorry tho..Lol
3/28/2016 c1 hope
Nice work
3/28/2016 c13 bonauditeur
Wow this is getting more interesting
3/25/2016 c13 NH SHIPPER
Always HAPPY to see updated from,

Like always updated/upload when you can.
3/24/2016 c13 cathyscloud9
awesome thanks!
3/24/2016 c13 9NarHina
Dame I wonder who it is that wants Hinata and why I am betting akatsuki since they have't really come up yet but still not sure maybe orochimaru.

Can't wait for next chapter.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
3/24/2016 c13 5Rose Tiger
I knew it! Danzo you bastard!
3/24/2016 c13 Guest
The enemies are Danzo, orochimaru, kabuto and Toneri.
Wow complex! I wonder if minato has powerful backers behind him.
3/24/2016 c13 Guest
awww thank you so much, i looking foward to lustfull maid!
Alsooo, i like this chapter...
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