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8/21/2020 c38 Yuriflor
Thank you for the update. Hope you find yourself a beta soon!
8/19/2020 c38 Guest
great story lines and you are a great writer! keep it up!
8/19/2020 c38 Guest

I am really happy about the announcement. I hope that you'll be finishing all of your stories and make new ones. NARUHINA fan all the way.

8/19/2020 c38 QueenDeadPool
Glad to hear, I missed your story's and I understand life life.
8/19/2020 c38 kawaiihinahime
if only I know how to betaed stories I will volunteer myself but sadly I don't know, huhuhu
I'm waiting for your updates anytime soon, hopefully, you'll find someone who could definitely help u with your stories (crossfingers)
I'm really happy you'd able to give us notice
5/21/2020 c20 Bluewarrior3
Finally! Naruto and hinata confessed there feelings!:D
Also even tho i dont like sakura in here, No one deserves to get raped, she did deserve that beating tho because even if she got manipulated by shion she still has a mind of her own, and she betrayed her friends.
Your story is really good im enjoying it alot!
I just love how everyone is so protective of hinata and theres so much love going around
5/19/2020 c14 Bluewarrior3
Ahhh i love naruhina! There so cute!
Okay aint gonna lie i did not like reading the shion and toneri part. It was ewwww! But i read it because its part of the story, but just imagine reading it faster so i wouldnt have to picture them in my head:)
5/19/2020 c13 Bluewarrior3
Yup had a feeling it was danzo! But im wondering who wants hinata. your story is good by the way and im still reading
5/18/2020 c9 Bluewarrior3
That just got me so angry, poor naruto! Justice needs to be served! I mean really that just sucks that they cant get there payback for what they did to naruto. I really hope this isnt going to be about forgive and forget. Like sakura and shion need to be punished or something!
2/21/2020 c1 Re Lovely Lover
Why is this chapter have multiple postings if the same thing with each new one having a little bit more writing than the last?
2/7/2020 c1 Zaid97
Ahhh such a cut concept... I'm hooked.
1/24/2020 c18 Tomo
Hey, I like your story BUT I do have some criticism for you. To give the story more appeal, I don’t think pretty much all the characters have should have the same exact thought on pretty much everything. Like how everyone is always saying Hinata and Naruto belong together (even her dead mother thought that when Hinata was a newborn? Doesn’t make sense to me). Like have people supporting Naruto and Hinata but maybe think they aren’t the best match because Naruto has some pretty heavy baggage and Hinata is still very naive.
Or how everyone is constantly talking about how Hinata has had a hard life. They have all had a hard life and I don’t get what makes Hinata’s case so unique.
So to keep the story interesting I think characters should have different opinions and stop repeating the same things pretty much every chapter.
I do like how you kept the mystery about the mystery man wanting Hinata and how it tied in to Naruto’s past.
I think this story has great potential and am interested in what will happen. (Also hope my criticism wasn’t harsh and that it was helpful).
1/23/2020 c37 QueenDeadPool
Had to reread everything and it was so worth it I love this story, thank you for the update.
1/23/2020 c37 aviesee
Thank you for updating this story. Truly, one of my favorites!
1/20/2020 c37 Yuriflor
This chapter brought so much joy to me as I got to read more of this amazing story. I can not wait for an update on any of your stories or to read any new stories. I know, I can not be the only one wanting more material from you but like you yourself said, don't rush or pressure yourself. Please finish your stories at whatever pace you want. I mean as long as I can read anything I am Keep up the amazing work.
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