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3/7/2016 c1 Guest
There needs to be retribution in this story fucking payback for FUCKSAKES!
3/7/2016 c9 Guest
3/7/2016 c9 AmethystQtpie
WHAAAAAAT?! that is so horrible! :( i hope karma gets them back! damn it, can't believe i am so mad at fictional characters. that's just how good your writing is :D anyway, i don't understand why Shion did what she did. is it to help Sakura with her revenge? but it seems that she had already planned to hurt him before she met Sakura. unless she was already friends with her? what's Shion's motive for doing all this besides Sakura? some family business stuff? okay okay, maybe i need to calm down and read this chapter again :P

as usual, can't wait for the next chapter! :D
3/6/2016 c8 Guest
is she sakura? shion? sara?
is naruto being victim of sadistic disorder?
i hope not, but why he is so traumatized? thats a mysteri
3/6/2016 c8 Nelly
Love this story plz keep the up dates coming
3/6/2016 c8 Guest
Shion that craZy bittxh
3/7/2016 c9 M.Da.Boss305
The chapters are getting better and better and better. I am so thrilled to find out what happens next
3/6/2016 c8 AmethystQtpie
curse you cliffhangerrrr! so close yet so far, hmph. please update ASAP so that we don't lose our minda :P

anyway, wtv happened to Naruto, i hope Hinata stays by his side and never gives up no matter how many times he pushes her away. on another note, i love how you portrayed Naruto's friends and how much they love him and how very concern they are with him. keep up the good work!
3/6/2016 c8 kasumi-chan
Noooo i can't wait more it's so amazing and i'm really excited what happened to Naru :( ...btw I really love that Itachi is in this story , thank you Keep going , it's great story ;)
3/6/2016 c8 9Gangnam Style X3
YES! Finally I get to find out what happened to Naruto! YES! And when I do find out, I wanna know which mean girl he saw in the flower shop that just had to go and ruin a perfect NaruHina date. Awesome chapter by the way, I'm seriously anxious for the next one. X3
3/6/2016 c8 13DayTimeLunatic
I hate cliffhangers so bloody much ! But this is a great story and I really can't wait for more right now !
3/6/2016 c8 cathyscloud9
I can't wait for the update!
3/6/2016 c7 cathyscloud9
awesome chapter! What happened to Naruto!? I must know! Thanks for the update!
3/6/2016 c8 JuNo-C7
Aww, cliffhanger.. update more please..
3/6/2016 c8 Majin-kun
Hmm, I wonder who "them" are.

While the main suspect is Sakura...I believe it will be Anko and Kurenai.
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