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3/6/2016 c8 Guest
Fuck your cliffhangers! The fucking story is so fucking good, please just fucking update soon!
3/6/2016 c8 4heavydestro
3/6/2016 c8 11nightwind83
its a good chapter
3/6/2016 c8 kazuki2292
Hmm, why i feel she is the pink banshee?
3/6/2016 c8 Angi sleeps
Oh I can't wait to know what happens next!
Og I hope you update soon !
3/6/2016 c8 Ashi p
. I can't wait to know what happened update soon! .
3/6/2016 c8 3Hyuuga Hitomichan
Ur new plot is sooo much more interesting than thd previous one...besides ur speed of updating is really making up for the wait all this time...great job...plz update soon...m dying to kno wat happened in his past
3/6/2016 c8 9NarHina
Liked the slight Naruto and Hinata and how he just broke down very emotional can't wait to see the reason why.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
3/6/2016 c8 5Rose Tiger
What the hell happened to Naruto?
3/6/2016 c8 Lovelygeek7
So good! I love this story! Please update soon!
3/6/2016 c8 gummy b3ars
I think I'm going to kill sakura for whatever she did to him...she deserves to be punish. I hope minato and kushina would be able to find her after they learn the truth.
3/5/2016 c7 Guest
Whatever happened go naruto has to extremely F # with the way they keep going on about it. I hope it is worst then I can imagine otherwise it's going to ruin this great story.
3/4/2016 c7 gio08
Seems like things are heating up eh?
3/4/2016 c7 AmethystQtpie
honestly, if i have to choose between a Naruhina moment and the revelation of what happened to Naruto, i'd choose the second one! my brain cannot take it anymore. i NEED to know what happened. it sounded really really bad and that just makes me even more curious! anyway, awesome writing as usual! can't wait for the next chapter :D
3/4/2016 c7 gummy b3ars
This makes me more and more curious.. hope to read more soon
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