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3/2/2016 c6 9Gangnam Style X3
I can't wait for Kushina to come and tackle Hinata in a big ole bear hug! X3 I can tell that the next chapter is going to be so cute. Also, if it's not Toneri that wants Hinata, then who does? That honestly threw me for a loop there. XD Anyway, great chapter, I loved seeing how loving already Minato and the others are towards Hinata. But I am hoping to see some NaruHina action in the next chapter, whether it be fluffy or erotic like their last encounter. ;) And another thing, what did theses females do to Naruto!? OoO
3/2/2016 c6 anne12fink
I cant get enough! We will have more chapter soon, right? :) please update soon!
3/2/2016 c6 urra94
I can see the full story line. You make it up really well. And I hope there is more NaruHina moment in next chapter. I really wanna see how Naruto maybe try to apologize or try to befriend Hinata. Keep up the good work honey! :)
3/2/2016 c6 5Rose Tiger
Toneri better stay the hell away from Hinata!
2/26/2016 c3 Juicy022
Keep going, it's Fantastic ! 3
2/25/2016 c5 kasumi-chan
Oh ...my...god ! THIS IS SOOO AWESOME ! I fall in love with this story, it's so good, i mean this story is from now on my favourite naruhina fanfic You are great writer oh and i loved so much that naughty part (*blush*) I can't wait for more, please update soon :O Have a nice day ;)
2/25/2016 c3 nn
love your story!
2/24/2016 c2 nn
aaaaaaaa . amaziiing! eventough i feel a little confused because your sentence is too long, but maybe because english isnt my first language. please continue nee
2/23/2016 c5 cathyscloud9
awesome! Thanks!
2/23/2016 c1 nn
oh my this is interesting
2/23/2016 c5 AmethystQtpie
it just keeps getting better and better! love it! so much drama but an appropriate amount of it (:
2/22/2016 c6 Guest
Don't feed the trolls or they'll never go away! Making a chapter just to respond to them is exactly the attention they want. Be strong, don't give in. Delete the guest reviews you don't like and move on. Furthermore, any time you put your work out to the public, you're going to negative attention, trolls and all, know that it comes with the territory of being an author, particular in fanfiction. You seemed extremely bothered and I just want you know not to let it bother you. Take what you can use from reviews, good or bad and move on. Never let them see you squirm!
2/22/2016 c6 Fuu
Aaaww. Pls continue with the story. It's a good read and has an interesting plot. Pls don't give up. **
Please continue the story. :)
2/22/2016 c6 Guest
Keep up the good work ... such a beautiful story...
2/22/2016 c6 twiluvergaga
Please keep writing, don't abandoned the story please
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