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7/30/2015 c2 4Grim Peasant
Wth xDDDDD update soon.!
7/22/2015 c2 khotetsu
I love this story.
7/7/2015 c2 Batros940
I'm curious about where Kushina is during this. Also I think it would be nice if later on you have naruto arrange for Hinata to see her mother again.
7/6/2015 c2 12Arasia
seems interesting so far, can't wait to see how it develops.

one little thing though, is that you tend to have run on sentences. sometimes i need to go back an re-read a sentence to understand it properly. perhaps more punctuation, and some conjoining words would help?
7/6/2015 c2 gummy b3ars
sakura again? or shion?
i know hinata will change him for the better,and not only him but maybe the family too.
good chap

ps: pls put some comma especially in long sentences. the 'thought' of the statement was kinda mixed and confusing when it's not seperated with a '' , '' tnx
7/5/2015 c2 truLBfn
I was expecting this to go another way. But this is a good chapter & story. I look forward to seeing where you take this entire thing.
7/5/2015 c2 karouridley
nossa essa historia esta ficando muito interessante ,e quente também .,continua porfavor...
7/5/2015 c2 1yodaimeUzikage
That was a big cliff hanger lol. Good story so far
7/5/2015 c2 Guest
Yay! More naruhina!
The stories had been dry so far.
Please let this be good.
Great job so far! Very good story! Yey for more chapters!

Please write soon. _
7/5/2015 c2 deadrose12341234
Minatos gang should be a ploy they should secretly be vigilantes for hire and they are trying tge take down hiashi so they took hinata cause she has info on him anx when hiashi finds out he comes for her so naruto and sasuje have to protect her but sasuke fall for her likr naruto and they fight
7/5/2015 c2 5Rose Tiger
Naruto you ass!
7/5/2015 c2 5MYK-ON
So many questions need to be answered.
Good chapter
7/5/2015 c2 Nana
Aleluya for update
I love your fanfic
Lemon NaruHina?
Update alrealdy please
7/5/2015 c2 13jojo07
Please no rape ohmygod. I feel like Naruto got some heartbreak in his past? Poor him! Update as soon as you can.
7/5/2015 c2 Guest
If he's does rape her will it break her? He seems to be broken already and I wonder how he would feel if he were the cause of someone else losing themselves instead of the victim? Would he care? Update please.
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