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for Starfox: The Tale of a Young Fox

9/11/2020 c2 Kevin
Will their be any butt farting on fox by wolf?
6/30/2020 c33 Ashley Young
I hope that there's more chapters to this story soon because I really like it. Just to let you know that I already have autism so I can understand from Fox's point of view in this story and I think that both Fox and I have a mind that are like a puzzle and if there's one piece that doesn't fit, then the whole puzzle will fall apart.
6/19/2020 c33 BluZ0rua
Hello, I just wanted to ask if this will ever be updated. I really love this story and was reading it since this update was posted. I hope this continues one day.
6/10/2019 c33 Poo
5/6/2019 c1 1TheArcticVulpine
Oof, I can see a lot of little grammar errors and weird little mess-ups. Don't let me put you down though, the overall plot and purpose of the story are great for an AU. Also, I'm sure others have pointed this out but throughout the story, Fox acts like a complete 5-year-old nearly crying after every little problem. I would like to see Fox act like how his age should act. It's understandable if he was 5 throughout the entire story or something like that but this...needs some serious tweaking. Overall, good plot but application is a bit off.
7/8/2018 c1 Alcoth T.Z
I am in no ways a professional reviewer, but I really need to point out a few things.

Firstly, there is a serious lack of exposition, I get it, it's an AU, details are hard to think up, but you really should have put more thought into the background before writing, it feels as if there are chunks of the story missing, and the way some of the parts go, I am not sure if i could follow along with this

Secondly, there are some issues within the story that doesnt make sense, like under normal circumstances, dorms won't let people of the opposite gender stay with each other

Don't take offence to this, but you really need to re-read some of your older chapters
4/15/2018 c33 Crimsn
So is this story dead or what? I really hope that it isnt because It was better than alot of the other storys that I have read
Please dont just abandon it, so many storys have been abandoned
3/3/2018 c33 Guest
I was just wondering if this will still be continued. Its an amazing story to read. There is still hope.
2/23/2018 c33 mythicalakatsuki
Listen, before I begin I do not claim to be a professional writer, nor am I saying any of this to be hurtful or rude. However, I think you should go back and check your chapters. If I'm being honest, the writing is confusing and sometimes I find myself lost. Also, and this is a major complaint I have, I don't like how you made Fox. You made him to dependent on Wolf and sometimes I find myself wondering if he's 16 or still 5. All the characters treat him like a pet or a child and I find it annoying sometimes, because that's not who Fox is. That being said, tone down the emotion. every single experience shouldn't be an emotional crying feast, and it destroys the immersion and the experience of your story. Honestly, if done correctly this could be a beautiful story about a young and confused Fox who finds himself enamored with Wolf, the man he always found to be a bully and scary, yet that changes when he meets the beautiful Vixen Krystal which sends his heart tugging in two different directions like a dangerous game of tug and war. Once again, please don't think I'm trying to be a bully but I would really like to see your writing improve for the better. in fact, if I may I'd like to work on a few chapters just to show you examples of how good it could be if you just apply some more time and good transition. anyway I'm done my rant, but please take my suggestions into consideration.
1/1/2018 c1 Moyashi1623
Hey your writing is great, I just hope and please would love to see this story progress. I would love to see this end. I just want to say that this story is beautiful.
7/3/2017 c23 37Rose the Jigglypuff
Great chapter. :)
5/1/2017 c25 Starvixen64
Maybe you could stop starring the obvious like when you said that Krystal set him down and gave him a good night kiss and gave fox a good night kiss you could have said she gave one to wolf and fox
5/1/2017 c33 Starvixen64
When will it be uploaded? I really like the series and I don't want it to stop!
4/30/2017 c12 Starvixen64
Again, spelling errors and try not saying merely and what ever time it other than that good job!
4/30/2017 c9 Starvixen64
...tragic ending
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